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Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough:
Into the Breach

At least it's quieter now!

They want you to take this bunker, he'll take the other one. Go into the door, shoot the barrels. A few Germans are down in here, get to the machine gun and shoot the Germans that jump into the doorway. Now back out and up the stairs. Short hall, another stairs. Landing, third. Go forward and right, and shoot out the radio (the colored part with red buttons).

In the next area, Germans will turn over a table and hide behind it. Shoot them. Out the door and up the red ladder.

Shoot the sitting German and go in the door. Someone will drop a grenade down the hole - stay back until it goes off. Then forward and past the hole for a dirt tunnel with a few guys. You end up in a room with boxes. Sneak through shooting the Germans. Another dirt path, then another boxes room. Shoot the barrel in here for an easy end.

Now you're in a concrete area. Shoot a few more guys. Go up the red ladder and shoot the other radio guy. Now go to the left silver door and shoot the guys. From here, shoot the guys on the second gun area. Use a grenade to mark the dek. You're all done - run out back door. "Excellent work!"

Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough

Medal of Honor Frontline Review

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