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Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough:
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You start out hidden in a crate. Climb out and shoot guards there. Now creep along the hallway. There's a guy in the toilet on the right. More come running. A closet with ammo is a bit further on the right.

Now you reach the dining area with a few guys. In the cook's area is a knife-throwing guy and a few regular guys.

In the next steamy area, turn wheel to reduce the first steam blast then run through the rest. Open the door. It's the engine room - shoot the guys. Go to the end - place charge - run back out to avoid the blast. You can't climb up the tube. Now go forward and into the newly-blasted hole on the right.

Shoot the guys through the bars. Open the door and shoot the guys there. Then set the charge and run to the next door.

Now you're in the control area. Shoot the 2 guys. Get to the next door. You see the Radio guy. Shoot him then the colored radio. Move past him - it's a nice wood area, the officer's quarters. Shoot a few more guys.

The next door lead into the missile area. Set a charge at the end, return back to the officers room. A new door opens, in the cabinet you find the enigma code book. It's in the room to left after the radio room. Go back into main control room and up hatch to leave.

Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough

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