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Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough:
Rough Landing

Holland Countryside. Talk to guy there. Pretty little houses. Shoot German in house to left. Move down road. Now guy says he wants to take out tanks. Shoot the guys by the tank on the right and let him take it out - hide behind the wall. and help him out. Barnes reached tank #1. 4 tanks left. Medkits and bullets in little lean-tos. Over bridge. Find a guy. Down road - shoot more Germans. another little bridge by a few houses - stay back and shoot.

another tank - keep him safe while he blows it. Across little bridge to road. Go around in a circle to the tank and grab kerosene. Barnes is at tank #3. shoot guards. Keep going by haystacks. More Germans down the road. OK in open area with fourth tank now. Shoot Germans and gather up ammo and medkits. Sniper on windmill. Take road past windmill. Now at a pond area. Bunch of guys up ahead - snipe them. Play with the Nebelwerfer.

Go along road further to area with little white houses and Germans with mortars. Take them out while tank-guy goes running. "OK I'll see you later." you get to gates and there's a haystack, create a diversion by lighting it on fire with the kerosene. Bad guys come in to check it out - shoot them and walk out.

Medal of Honor Frontline Walkthrough

Medal of Honor Frontline Review

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