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Myst 3: Exile Walkthrough
Amaterin: The Pagodas

I like the pagodas, it's a cool sound puzzle. It's very tedious though. Go up to the overlook above the pagodas, and look down at them. There are five different pagodas, and each has a different shape associated with it. The order of them are:

  • 1: The center one
  • 2: The one to the far left
  • 3: The middle one on the right
  • 4: The middle one on the left
  • 5: The one to the far right
So this is the order the ball goes through the chutes. You need each one to 'turn off' as the ball gets to it so the ball can get through. OK, now each of thsoe pagodas is associated with a shape.
  • 1: Curve part with 3 spikes
  • 2: Stuck out curve part with 4 spikes
  • 3: Two bulges with 3 spikes
  • 4: One curve with 4 spikes, sort of symmetrical
  • 5: Two bulges
You get the idea. So now go trek down into the pagodas themselves, and go to each one. Set the setting in each pagoda to match the shape that has to turn it off. When you're done, go back up to the top and send the ball through. As it reaches each pagoda, the field will turn off and it'll go along its way!

When you're done, you'll get a code to get yet further up into the central mechanism.

The Myst 3: Exile Walkthrough

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