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Myst 3: Exile Walkthrough

Myst 3: Exile is a puzzle game - it involves you looking carefully at the screen, listening to the sounds, and figuring out the solution to each set of puzzles that are presented to you. The puzzles are themed, and usually clues (and sometimes outright solutions) are left lying around for you, if you see them. Try to do your best to really look around before resorting to this walkthrough - the sense of accomplishment is far greater if you figure it out for yourself!

Starting Out
The Study

Chasing the Bad Guy
The Blocked Door / Circle Window
The Lightposts / Leaf Window
The Flowers / Bird Window

An Island Overview
The See-Saw
The Pagodas
The Ball-Jumps
In the Roof

A Mechanical Overview
The Power Grid
The Lava
The Steam
The Airship

A Flowery Overview
The Upper Level
The Swing & The Bridge
The Big Blue Plants

A Final Overview
Force Field #1
Force Field #2
Saavedro's Family

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