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007 Nightfire Walkthrough: countdown

Set aside a LOT of time to play this level, it's very long without checkpoints. A lot of people have trouble getting the time down in this one. I've redone this walkthrough to include times at various spots, so you can see where you're running into trouble.

To start with, you're in the vents with a crossbow. Head down into the floor grate to go into the room. Kill the guys in here. You're told to find Kiko and stay close to her. Head to the opposite side of the room and grapple up into the vents. Go to the second opening on the right and shoot the guy there. Back up to the first opening on the right and shoot this guy. Hope down into the room and crouch over. Find the circuit box. Open it and use the laser on the LEFT green board inside to disable the security lasers.

Go out the door, and shoot the guy that's patrolling the hallway. Go left to the room with the camera icon in it. Open the circuit box and laser the green board on the left, this takes down the security camera. There's an armor in here to grab.

Leave this room. Cross the hall to storeroom A6. Go straight across two rooms (A7) and out into A8 area. Turn left and go through second A8 door, then through a third door. Head left to end to A14. through A13 then A16. Shoot the guy in hallway. Now you're at A15 camera room - shoot the guard - turn off alarm system safeguard. Bond moment.

Head out - a17. Use decryptor on both doors to weapon's safe. You get TONS of ammo, weapons and armor. Head out left left - security video. 3:02.

Grab your laser, use it on both green boards in the two corners of the back of the room. Head back to the front of the area. Look at the red screen and then wait - the main door blows itself up. See Delta sector video.

Now ignore people and run out through the way you came through the storerooms. Out in A8 corridor, right down hallway. A8 door. Straight. Right. through to A7 door then A6 A5 then you find Rook, the enemy of the repetitive speech. Grab the phoenix samurai when he's dead. Now run down hall A5 following arrows to A8 to Delta Sector door. Load point.

5:19 here.

Through first silo room and shoot laser out. D6C. Around right - triple laser - lob grenade. In to D9C. Across through barrels - watch out for the incoming grenade. Back up and let it explode, then go in. Forward to D12C. Around - laser behind box. Grenade it. Now D11C.

Next room has a laser up close that you can can go under. Blow up barrels in next area - D8C. Go around to the door - triple laser in corridor. Grenade it, hop boxes. D5C. Omega Sector door - through. 8:21

NOTE: YOU MUST LOOK AT THE NAME ON THE DOOR FOR IT TO OPEN. Just standing in front of it doesn't trigger its opening. You have to in essence 'prove' to the game that you know you're at the right door. go into big room shoot guys - up on control area for armor. Trigger door opening at computer screen.

Finally a good checkpoint. Prevent Kiko from getting into space. Kill everyone in the room, go into the back room to the fire exit and go up to the second floor. In the control room, avoid the armor but unlock the door. Go downstairs and kill the guys, then run up for the armor and head through that door. After a few doors you get to room 03, door 02. You see Kiko and she knocks you down into the lower area.

11:23 - down in lower area. Put a wall mine on the concrete 'corridor' leading to one of the two safety rooms. Then head into the room and grab the armor. The first blast comes. Now kill the attackers - hopefully the wall mine gets the ninja - and go into other room, setting another wall mine first. Another rocket blast, and another set of attackers.

Kill these remaining guards, then you auto-follow her up.

You only have about TWO SECONDS in this last part - run straight for the 'drop the bridge' button and hit it. She falls down and is blasted by the rocket.

Bond Move
* Disable all 3 control panels

007 NightFire Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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