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007 Nightfire Walkthrough

I am a huge, huge fan of the James Bond series of games. The graphics on Nightfire are amazing. It's not based on any particular movie, even though it's coming out at the same time as Die Another Day. It's more like a combination of great scenes from other movies, strung together.

Note that I'm playing the PS2 version, but from what I understand the XBox and GameCube versions should be about the same, If you notice any large change in your platform, please let me know! I hear the PC version only has *9* levels instead of 12. If you have the PC version, be sure to try one of the console versions!

FAQ: Using the Decoder
FAQ: Subduing & Surrendering

paris prelude
the exchange
alpine escape
enemies vanquished
double cross
night shift
chain reaction
phoenix fire
deep descent
island infiltration

007 Nightfire Review

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