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007 Nightfire Walkthrough: equinox

This level is actually really short but pretty tricky. In essence all you do is disable all 8 missiles and then kill Drake.

The trick is to go beneath the flooring, shoot out the flooring so you can still shoot at the guys up above you, but by being down below the evil Laser of Doom it cannot zap away half your health/armor per blast.

First guys come out from two areas above window. Take them out. Then watch your little map for the first missile to activate. You have to go go the green circle shown (with spinny light on the side of the missile) and wait for missile to come up. Then shoot inside of the inner circle area 3 times with your laser beam. Note that other guys come out and shoot you while you do this.

Work through all missiles - the last 3 come up together so do the 2 and then run for the last one. Drake says he arises from the ashes.

Then your mission is to kill Drake himself. His area is blown open and he comes out. Blast him a few times and Bond gets into a capsule and blasts out as the station explodes. James and aussie-girl go off together. The End.

Talk about short - there is a 4:15 target time!


Time: 4:15

7 007 icons

Tip from T. Bear:
If your having trouble beating Equinox because your taking o much damage, here's a hint. After disarming one of the missles(or two depending what sequence your on)shoot the space guys that come at you. You'll take onn a lot less damage that can be saved for the confrontation with Drake.

007 NightFire Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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