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007 Nightfire Walkthrough: the exchange

In this mission, you are told a critical item for a space missile has been stolen. Rafael Drake is suspected - his company is usually 'green' and dismantles reactors. There's a tradeoff tonight at Drake's Austrian castle. Seems suspiciously like True Lies, hmmmmmm?

You skydive down. First you must breach the castle walls. Note that you get great graphics, from the lighting on the buildings, to your leaving footprints when you walk, to shooting guys and having them fall, arching, out the window.

But back to getting in. You can do this the hard way - sneak/shoot your way along, inch along beneath the bridge, going over the rope, etc. There's a Bond Move if you slide past the 3 windows without being seen. But there's an easier way. Go up to the wall nearest the castle. A truck will go beneath you. Just jump into it! Then duck down while you go in. You are awarded a Bond Move for this, as they bring wine in for Mr. Drake.

Next, find your way inside to the party. Note that there's no exit from the wine cellar, tho it does have ammo. Instead, go up past the guards who want hip flasks. Knock them out. Go left through the arch with the banners on either side. Now you're in the dolphin-fountain room. Go across to the guard room with the circuit breakers in there. Use the laser on the LEFT wire to get another Bond Move. There's armor in here too. Now go past the helicopter pad and down the stairs. In the courtyard with barrels go left, and take your second right into the 2-barrel room. In and left to the Main Gates.

OK, now you're in. There are women who all smile seductively at you. Go past them, right, then through the door and left. You'll find the grand ballroom up the stairs. Rafael gives a speech, Dominique is there with him. When he's done, you have to find the library.

Head down again and left to the library. You'll meet Dominique who you greet very friendily, and then Nightshade who is the US operative. Dominique gives you a key, Nightshade says she'll make a distraction for you. Head out the forward door, go up the stairs and then take your first door on the right for the meeting. Spy on it, you learn that Rafael wants the other Nightfire components soon. Unfortunately they caught Nightshade and plan on taking her to the cable car station. He locks the castle down.

One way to do this is to jump down and shoot the guys. Head out the left door. Shoot more guys and go through the door, down the stairs. Use your laser on the door lock. Take out the guards and use the laser on the hinges of the safe. Be sure to grab the armor. You get your info and a rocket launcher from the safe.

Note, though, that if you go to the end of the balcony, you can open the windows and slide down the cable there for a Bond Move. Then shoot the guys here, and head right into the building. Go back up the stairs to that room with the safe and do the same fighting.

Back out the stairs, down and out the door. Cross to the cable car building and go down the stairs. Grab the armor here too. You and Nightshade start sliding down, and a helicopter comes. Shoot out a big window with a regular gun then stand back and fire the guided rocket through it. Guide it to the helicopter. Do this 3 times to take it down.

Bond Moves
* Jump in truck to get into castle
* Sneak by windows while getting into castle (if you don't do the truck method)
* Take out the searchlights with your laser
* Slide down the wire from the secret meeting

Time Target: 9:00

007 icons: 7
* One in left side of wine cellar

Bronze: Zoe Nightshade card
Silver: MP Skin: OddJob
Gold: Pistol upgrade

007 NightFire Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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