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007 Nightfire Walkthrough:
FAQ: Subduing & Surrendering

You get extra bonus points for subduing and causing a person to surrender. Both are pretty easy to do, and it's worth it to get those points!

To get someone to surrender, just sneak up behind them and point a gun at their head. They should put their hands up and turn around like that. The easiest place to practice this movie is right at the beginning of the first castle episode. Go down the stairs and point the gun at the guard there. He'll surrender easily. Note that you can then kill him, and get an additional point for the kill. If you go into your 'score' area right after doing this you'll see the counters for both categories increment.

To subdue someone, use the zapper on them until they fall down. They are now not dead, but they're subdued. Note again that you can subdue someone, and then kill them (shoot the prone body) and get double points.

Unfortunately you cannot get TRIPLE points by causing someone to surrender, then zapping them into unconsciousness, and then shooting the prone body :)

007 NightFire Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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