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Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

River Level

This is the fourth level, after the Volcano level.

The Poliwags on the right are very hard to see, but lure them out with apples. The Bulbasaur on the left is a bit easier, drop an apple in front of the hollow tree for him to come out. The Slowpokes should be lured into the circles on the ground, where they'll evolve into Slowbro s. The Shellder and Cloyster will randomly jump out of the water for you to see.

Use the flute on the Vileplume to get it to dance, and to get a clear picture of the sign behind it. The Metapods in the trees will lower down for you if you bop them with something. Also bop the Psyduck to get it to dance around for you!

There are Porygons stuck in the walls - get one to come out near the switch to open up the next course. If you pester them, they'll lose their camoflague!

Finally, a Pikachu near the end will get you points if you photograph him on the stump. Once you get a picture of him, he'll turn on agility - try to get a photo of him in this mode for even more points!

Next, you move on to the Cave .

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