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Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

Cave Level

This is the fifth level, after the River level.

This is a tough level - you're not following a straight path, but instead sort of weaving down through the air. Take pictures of the first two Grimers , and a third will appear on a ledge to the right. Annoy him to get him to evolve into a Muk .

The three Bulbasaur s on the right are really Dittos - bop them with pester balls to get them to change. Notice the eyes? There are Zubats around, and sadly, you'll find that three Jigglypuffs are being chased by Koffings . Be sure to rescue each one by bopping the Koffings, to see something later on.

You'll find a Weepinbell - knock it into the pool to have it evolve into a Victreebell .

If you're good with your throw, you can even rescue the Pikachu from the Zubat - bop the Zubat and the Pikachu will float down to safety on colored balloons!

If you play the flute by the egg it will shatter, creating a Articuno that will fly up as the Jynx dance merrily.

Finally, the three Jigglypuff you rescued will be singing in the final room - quite a photo opportunity! Don't play the flute here to drown out their singing - they'll be very annoyed with you if you do!

The "sign" here is the glowing balls in the middle of the level.

Next, you move on to the Valley .

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