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Pokemon Snap Walkthrough

Valley Level

This is the sixth level, after the Cave level.

This is even tougher than the last level - the river is very fast and zips through some areas.

First, bop all of the floating objects out of the water. There will be Squirtle s, a Magikarp which you want to bop onto the land, Goldeens to take photos of and even a Dratini .

Knock off the Geodude s to get Sandshrew s to appear in the sand. On the right, a Sandslash will appear, and if you knock both geodudes down you'll even get an up close picture of the Graveller .

There's a better on later, though, where you can get three Gravellers to dance for you!

If you take a photo of the Staryu when it's facing you, it'll spin around your head until you hit the whirlpool, then evolve into a Starmie . Also, pestering the whirlpool will release a Dragonite , and there's a Dratini playing nearby.

If you managed to knock the magicarp out of the water near the start, though, the best part is the Gyarados that it will evolve into at the waterfall!

Another hard part comes up later, when you're floating downstream. One of those Squirtles is here, so bop it just right so it slides up the hill to the Mankey . It will then bowl it down to the switch, where you are told about collecting the "signs". The sign here is right by the entrance, not very hard to find. Once you collect all of the signs, you can reach the secret level.

Finally, you move on to the Secret Level .

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