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Saints Row 2 Walkthrough
Defining your Character

You start out in Saints Row 2 in a prison situation. Two guards are talking - apparently "someone" is finally awake from a coma in the prison hospital. They begin unwrapping the bandages to see the face ... and you get to customize EVERYTHING about yourself!

You can be Female! Male! There are lots of options. You can be Asian, Hispanic, White, African-American. There are a variety of facial features, colors of hair, eye color, "eyeball spacing", "nose depth".

Oddly even though there are four races there are only three voices. You can put male voice on female body. even walking styles.

Not that you are NOT stuck with what you choose here. Later on with plastic surgery you can change anything - even your voice or gender. So don't get TOO hung up with having fun in here. You can always tweak yourself as you wish later on.

When you are done creating your look, you move right into the first mission -

3rd Street Saints

Saints Row 2 Walkthrough

Saints Row 2 Review

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