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Saints Row 2 Walkthrough
Fire Truck

Call 555-FIRE to get yourself a fire truck to play with. Note that the hose on your fire truck is pretty useless. You have to drive to the location that is on fire, jump out with your hand extinguisher and jump to the fire and put them out yourself manually while trying not to get too close to the fire and catching on fire yourself. You then have 30 seconds to get back into the truck to move on to the next disaster.

You don't have infinite fire extinguisher ability so be careful about where you spray - you'll have to go back to the truck to get another one if you run out. Watch out for insane on-fire people who try to run and give you a flaming hug.

Every time you stop doing Fire Truck, you restart at level 1 again.

Saints Row 2 Walkthrough

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