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Splinter Cell Walkthrough:
FAQ: PowerPlant Level

The reason there isn't a PowerPlant level in this walkthrough is that the walkthrough was written based on the XBox and PC versions, which is a version that has long, difficult puzzles. When they rewrote the game for the PS2, they cut out a lot of the puzzles and made the game simpler. We did actually rent the game for a week but after playing through a few levels it seemed silly to completely write a new walkthrough which in essence said "do exactly the same as the XBox, but don't worry about having to avoid this guard, because he's missing. Don't worry about having to avoid that obstacle, because it's missing". It seemed like people wouldn't even get stuck at those points, so they probably wouldn't come read the walkthrough looking how to get past those (non-existent) obstacles.

To try to make up for those gaps, the PS2 version did add in a level or two. PowerPlant is one of those extra levels. Since we don't have the game, we don't have a walkthrough for that level. However, if you ask in our forum, you can quickly get help from the other PS2 gamers. And if you'd like to submit a walkthrough for that level, I'll gladly give you credit!!

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Splinter Cell Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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