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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Walkthrough
Getting in the Treasure Room

POOF you are now Prince Tut. You wake up to "good morning prince and happy birthday!" You learn that Lady Nefertiti wants to see you. You can wear clothing that you see around you. Break the flowerpot then open the wardrobe and get the old amulet. Pull the table on the other side to get into that wardrobe, to get a courtyard key.

Left of the door, an owl thing has an old amulet behind it. To the right of the door is nothing. When you try to leave, if you're in pink you hear "not the pink one!" Go and change into the other outfit - the blue one. Now go out the door.

There's a Cut scene - King Tut wants to marry the lovely Nefertiti, and an old guy recommends the older brother instead. The old guy drops a letter. It blows up by the statue.

Run through the hall and left, then use the key on the door. Go past the "nicely dressed" comment from the guy into the courtyard. Nefertiti says hi. She wants the letter. Turn around and go up the blue ladder. Now go left and X and L to go along the ledge.

At the statue, the bird has the letter. Knock the plants off the stands and push a stand to the fence and jump over. Chase the bird around. Finally it goes down and drops the letter. Now Nefertiti says to meet her outside the palace.

Go out the door. Talk to the 2 people. The old woman - her aunt - says she likes the old amulets. There's a bird statue on the right - it opens a secret corridor covered by grate.

Go out the doorway through the door with a guard. You'll see a big room with 2 statues. Your evil brother is there. Head down to find a locked treasure room. Next go up right to find the throne room. There's a wardrobe second on the right with an old amulet.

Push the throne to see a grate. Pull both birds on the left and right out and the grates open. Behind the left one is a 4th old amulet too. Crawl in the grate. Your guard tries to warn you it's not safe.

You'll come out in a sandy area. Now go all the way to the opposite end. Crawl and use the lever. This opens a side door to the next lever. Crawl back out to the next lever. Grab this one and it spins you around. You hear your brother and the old guy talking. There's a spare sarcophagus key here. Get the key. Now go to the bird statue and pull - you get an amulet (5). Use the lever and spin again. Crawl back out.

Go to the sarcophagus between the doors and go in it. You'll appear above it. Head left. Jump across to find another sarcophagus. Now go to the third room on the side. Go to the left on the hanging wood ledge. There's a chest with an old amulet (6). Go down. Head back into the sarcophagus between the doors. Now go right, hang and go along the path. There's a sarcophagus there too. When you come out, go in the crawl hole. Open the chest for an old amulet (7). Now you're at a statue. Pull it, then go in the hole. You're back in the area with switches. Head out the hole.

Get into the throne room. Go out the doors. Now go to the sarcophagus by the cleaning girl. You come out in a sandy room. Open the chest to get your wardrobe key.

Go out the door. Now you're in your own bedroom again. Unlock the wardrobe here. This opens a passage. You end up in a room with chains and a switch. Use the lever to spin. Note that it unspins when you go through. Head up the ramp on left and climb the ladder. Jump across and then go against the wall and go around. Jump across. There's a chest on the left. Open it to get another old amulet - 8.

Hang on the ledge on the left and go around. Drop down 2 levels to the platform. Next jump across. Flatten yourself on the ledge and go around. Use the platform to go to the bar, jump up 2 times and then across to passageway.

Now you're by the treasure room. You still need the key. Note - don't talk to the guard - we found that sometimes the game hangs here!!

Instead, go talk to your aunt. She is too tired to go to the treasure room so she gives you the key.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Walkthrough

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Review

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