Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
In this puzzle-adventure set in an Egypt-like location, you switch between two characters. One is Sphinx, a tail-toting teenage guy, and the other is a mummy.

The graphics in the game are great.Your tail swishes from side to side, the wooden bridges sag beneath your weight, your shadows move along with you. It has a cartoony feel to it, which is fine for its style. The smoke and fire aren't very well done, but those are always tricky.

While sound really shouldn't be a key for a game, it is sadly lacking in this one. The background music and ambient noises are OK, usually very faint. There's a shining part though - when you're in a battle, the music sort of "plays along" with your sword slashes. That does give you the sense that you are in a movie.

But the bigger sound-issue is that this game has a ton of dialogue and there is no speaking! That might have been fine back in the days of Final Fantasy 8, but in this day and age it really feels lacking every time an important dialogue is going on and there is just ... silence.

The actual gameplay is very enjoyable. The characters' movements are smooth and natural, from swinging up a rope to leaping across chasms. Each map has enough area for you to explore and not feel stuck, but it's not so huge that you get lost. There are good assortments of puzzles and action sequences to keep both your fingers and your brain engaged.

Sure, a few of the puzzles are a bit hokey - but that's the case in any game. Some of the puzzles are REALLY fun, though, and quite enjoyable.

The save feature isn't great, you can have 3 different games going but only a single save spot in each one. It can be frustrating, but you learn to deal with that. In general it's a fun game for all ages!

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy Walkthrough

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