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Syberia Walkthrough: The Hotel

You begin in the gorgeous town of Valadilene, the capital of mechanical toys. It's very German looking, with lovely woodwork and metal. You see the funeral of Anna, the owner of the toy factory. Then you head into the hotel.

Take the poster about the town from the wall to the right. On the desk, take the key, then while holding it click on the back of the toy, then push the button. The bell will ring and the deskclerk will come out. You have very simple choices of what to talk about, "Kate" tells about you, and you talk about how you've come to arrange the purchase of the factory.

Momo, a simple child to the side, says Hans is far away and Anna is dead. You're brought up to Room #6. A letter is on the table, your boss Edward Marson wants you to negotiate the purchase of the factory with its owner, Anna Voralberg.

Go back down to where Momo was hanging out. Take the 2 gears from the floor and 2 more from the table. You'll need them later on. The clerk will tell you about Hans, who is Anna's younger brother. He's dead. Use your cell phone to call the office. You're told to contact the notary right away. Talk to the clerk again about your mission, and he'll give you a fax. It's a letter to Maitre Alfolter. Ask the clerk again and he'll say you can't miss the notary's house but doesn't tell you where it is! Luckily the town isn't very big :) And now you can leave the hotel.

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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