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Syberia Walkthrough

Syberia is a gorgeous puzzle-adventure game with painting-like worlds that you roam through. Really, the game only takes 8 or so hours to play, but it's a nice 'live story' experience while you go through it. On the down side, it doesn't even END after those 8 hours, it's only the first half to the 'full game', and the 'background' story with your fiance and best friend is really, really annoying.

The Hotel
The Notary
The Church
The Factory
The House
The Cave
The Train

The Grapes
The Egg
The Bandstand
The Tugboat
Heading Out

Powering the Engine
Getting to the Organist
The Helena Shrine
Boris the Spaceman
Firing the Rocket
Riding the Airship

Getting In to the Hotel
Getting to Helena
Getting James to Help
Mixing the Drink

The Final Stages
Rescuing Helena
The Disappointing Ending

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Syberia 2 Review

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