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Syberia Walkthrough: The Notary

When you leave the hotel, turn right and head down the street. You'll find that most doors in the town don't open for you. Head past the bakery dude who tells you all shops are closed today for mourning. Go past the little house and the next big house on the right has a strange contraption by its door. Go to the contraption. Put fax #2 into its hands, pull the center lever to lower his head, and then pull the lever on the right to get him to read it. The door opens.

Go through the waiting room and in the next door to the back room. The notary is there. You tell him about the mission and he says there's another heir. Hans is in fact alive, his father faked his death. You learn that Hans is in Siberia. He says the key to the factory is in the waiting room, and asks you to leave. He asks you to close the door on your way out.

There's an approval stamp on the desk outside - you use this at the end of this level. Grab the key on the right side of the exit door. Note that you can't close the door, despite his request!! Outside on the bench is a paper to read. There's nothing else on this end of the city.

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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