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Syberia Walkthrough: The Cave

When you've followed Momo through the LONG walk you get to the cave area. Go past Momo to the right to the dam. You can't turn it. This is one of those silly "back and forth multiple times because you're a helpless female" areas. Go ask Momo for help. He breaks off the stick. Take the stick back two screens to the boat and use the stick to pull the oar. But of course the oar is to ICKY for you to touch, so go ask Momo to touch it for you. Now ask Momo to help you with the dam again. He takes the oar up and does open the dam.

So not only is the oark to ICKY to touch, but you wonder if Dan would like this new "wild explorer" side of you. Just exactly what are you doing?? You're wandering around by a stream!

Now head left at the fork that he was sitting at, and enter the cave. The Mammoth Doll is in there. Grab it and head back to the factory.

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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