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Syberia Walkthrough: Barrockstadt - The Tugboat

While you're heading back to the train, you might as well pu tthe green cylinder you got in the lab into the player to see that it's Anna, talking about her father's death. Put it back on the shelf with the others.

Now go give the $100 to the tugboat captain. He's all set to go and gives you a key. Go up and into the station and to the right. Read the sign. It says the code is 27 * 66 * 67 * 42 *. Use the key to open the keypad and type in those numbers with the asterisks to end each 2 digit set. The lock opens!

Go back and tell the captain you figured out the locks. He'll come in to the middle. Now, look again at the sign. It is actually telling you to call that number. Pull out your cell phone and call. You get an automated system. You have to press # 4 2 * to lower it. If you call again, you press # 4 1 * to raise. Hmmmm. Sound familiar? Press in 4 1 * and sure enough, it raises up!

Go by the train and talk to them. They throw you the chain. Attach the hook to it and it automatically attaches to the train. You're pulled on to the wall!

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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