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Syberia Walkthrough: Barrockstadt - Heading Out

OK, you thought you were done, right? Bwah hah hah. First Pons calls to say his lecture is set. Go in and listen to a LONG LONG lecture on the Youkols in Siberia. Rumor has it that they kept Mammoths alive on an island, Syberia. Hmmmm.

Go back to the lab, take the notes and doll. Go back onto the train. Go out the other side. Spin the spinner, pull the lever, and you're wound. You go forward.

OK go to the little station and talk to Oscar. He wants a Visa. Go behind the station and into the wall. Go up and across the top of the wall. Hmmmm, your "friend" calls you and seems to be quite fond of your boyfriend.

Go in the building. Talk to the captain. He claims an enemy is out there. Look in the telescope, it's a tree when you focus on it with the buttons.

Look at the table. Put in the powder, put in the wine, feed the wine/powder to him. He looks at the "tree enemy" and realizes his mistake. He gives you a visa. Bring it back to Oscar, he gives you a ticket. Bring this into Oscar inside, and you're set!!

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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