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Syberia Walkthrough: Komkolzgrad - The Helena Shrine

Head into the shrine at the bottom of the stairs. It has Helena pictures, Helena dresses, you name it. Go into the back area.

You'll find letters that robot-man sent to her (a bit obsessive isn't he?) so you don't know where she is. However, you do also find a book abouther, and it says she's the friend of Franck Malkovitch. Hmmmm you've heard that name before, right? It's the new lover of your mom!

Pull out your cell phone and use the built-in dialer for your mom. Turns out he's right there with her. Hmmmmm. Franck says she's in a spa in Aralbad. Head back up to the robot, but wait. Dan calls and is suddenly very nice. Also very suspicious.

The robot says he'll let you ride the monorail over to the airship to get to Aralbad. Go out of his office and into the monorail, and it takes you to a new area of the map. Note that Olivia calls and is apparently making moves on Dan, who is your fiance. Great, so your fiance Dan is a slimeball, and your best-friend Olivia isn't much better. As if you don't have enough to worry about!!

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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