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Syberia Walkthrough: Komkolzgrad - Boris the Spaceman

Take a right when you get up the stairs. There's a raised platform to the left. First spin the wheel at the edge of the platform. Then go up and into the capsule. In it you'll find Boris the Spaceman who is QUITE drunk. Chat with him, then pick up the bottle by the door. He'll leave and fall over into a tub. So far so good. Go further into his home and rummage through his medicine chest to find a key and a letter that talks about the funding for the mission being cut.

Head out and walk towards Boris, staying on the platform. You'll find a control panel there. First, use the key to start it up. Next, move the left-right controller to the left. You'll see a hose slide left. Second, move the one that goes up-down in an upward direction. That slides the hose up. Now use the rotating control to rotate the hose left. You should splash him with water, and he'll wake up.

Head down to talk to him. He's much more coherent now!! He gives you the key to the airship. Note that you can't use it until you send him off into space.

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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