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Syberia Walkthrough: Aralbad - Getting In to the Hotel

At Aralbad, you find a station with a spinner right there. That's nice at least. There's also a fountain and the Hotel Kronsky. Inside is a hotel lobby with an unhelpful desk clerk.

Go to the left to the broom closet and grab the detergent. Next comes something that I saw many, many times at a fountain in St Louis. Open the curtains so the clerk can be sure to see what is going on. Then go out and pour the detergent into the fountain.

Go back in and ring the bell on the clerk's desk. He'll go take care of the fountain, and you can go behind the desk. Grab the brochure about the French hotel, with the nujmber 46433643. Also, see that Helena Romanski was there on 5/16/1981 with an ID of 1270. Press the button in the lower area of the screen to open the door, and walk into the hotel.

Syberia Walkthrough, Tips and Techniques

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