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True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough
Basic Keys

These keys are for the XBox. Simple experimentation should tell you what the similar keys are for your own game station if it's not an XBox! :)

Left Thumbstick - moving
Dir pad left - fighting mode
Dir pad up - normal mode
Dir pad right - shooting mode

left thumbstick - move
Right thumbstick - camera
A - kick
X - punch
Y - jump kick
B - grapple/throw/pick up weapon
Right trigger (tap) - draw guns
White - block

Left thumbstick - move
Right thumbstick - camera
A (hold) - take cover
X - punch
Y (tap) - roll (in given direction)
Y (press) - jump/dive (")
Y (hold) - slow mo jump/dive (")
B - pick up weapon / grab hostage
R trigger - fire weapon
R trigger (hold/rel) - burst fire/ full auto
Black - reload pistols / drop auto weapons

Left thumbstick - steer l/r
Right thumbstick - accelerate/brake
A - accelerate
X - brake
B - hand brake
Y - rear view
L trigger - get in/out of car
R trigger - fire weapon
Dir pad L - siren on/off
Dir pad R - car horn
Dir pad down - change view

right joystick B to use health packs (on walls and such) during mission

True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough

True Crime - Streets of LA Review

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