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True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough
Episode 1 - Triad Violence
2 - Rushing to EOD

OK, if Mission 1 was your gun practice, Mission 2 is your driving practice. Let me say that I *LOVE* this game for its giving you time to drive around whenever you want. That was a HUGE pain in the Getaway, that you never got just roaming time. True Crime gives you oodles of it and this map is HUGE and real. Practice up a ton and then go visit Los Angeles and put your skills into action.

OK, the basics. This is on the XBox so experiment if you're not on an XBox to see what your corresponding keys are. For the XBox, it was L into car, A accelerate, X to brake. You steer with the thumbstick.

Like all driving games that are SANE (i.e. not Getaway) you get a great minimap PLUS you have fantastic street sign indicators. There are even signs ON the roads! Have I mentioned this game is fantastic in many ways? So look at your minimap to see the green arrow. You probably have to turn around to get going.

This game also has HUGELY funny asides. For example when I first got to the green spot it said

"That's a new lap record!"

Which is straight from one of my favorites, Pod Racer :)

In any case, you now meet Rosie, your new partner. She's voiced by Michelle Rodriguez.

True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough

True Crime - Streets of LA Review

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