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True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough
Episode 1 - Triad Violence
3 - Driving for Chow

Now you're free to drive around and explore if you wish to. You can do side missions if you want to or can just head on to green spot. I love to explore and get to know the town, where everything is, how it is put together. That is SO helpful when you play many of the missions and want to get upgrades. Plus, exactly what is your rush to finish the game? If you paid $50 or more to buy the game, you might as well enjoy it for a long time and appreciate the huge amount of work they put into the map design :)

While you're out exploring, be sure to use L click and B to arrest people! When you are finally ready, drive to the green spot and then go into the door.

True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough

True Crime - Streets of LA Review

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