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True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough
Episode 1 - Triad Violence
5 - Rosie Trouble

This is the "Finale" of the first episode. Rosie is shot outside the restaurant and tells you to go after the triad dude. The key here is not to think. Just hammer on R a lot to fire, do NOT hold down the button though because that puts you into an aim mode. Just hammer it to blast away and kill the bad guy.

When you finish the finale you get:

triad violence episode 1
100% complete
finale victory
episode solved.

It shows you your good cop / bad cop rating here. You can then go to one of the indicated locations to upgrade your car, shooting (target symbol) or fighting (barbells symbol). I personally did all the shooting ones first, then the fighting and then the cars.

True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough

True Crime - Streets of LA Review

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