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True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough
Episode III - International Ties
2 - Tailing Chong's Limo

This is your first tailing mission if you HAVE NOT BEEN PRACTICING. If you HAVE been taking on those various sub-missions you should be good at this by now. If you haven't, you will have trouble! So once again I highly recommend that you do a lot of those sub-missions out on the streets to get your practice, so you are not frustrated when you have to do one for "real"!

In essence for a tailing mission you have to keep the thermometer on the right between the 2nd and 3rd bumps down. You want your marker below the red but not down into the broken white area. If you get too close you have to BACK UP to get out of their sight.

I found it QUITE funny that even though my car was smoking and both doors were flapping open, they didn't notice anything strange at all.

You only get a total of 5 question marks. If they see you, you have to chase them down.

True Crime - Streets of LA Walkthrough

True Crime - Streets of LA Review

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