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Mountains by William Gibbons

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Adversity [by Cynthia Parker] in the Summer Solstice Issue 2008.

First time I looked into the BellaOnline Review. 'Adversity' is quite an impressive lyric.
-- Tomas Helmut

Regarding What Women Want [by Eve Hall] in the Summer Solstice Issue 2008.

Some of us don't want husbands. Some of us want the work that we do recognized and fairly compensated.

Some of us want to go from our jobs to home. And that that is necessary in between without fear of attack, Without harassment- to do what one wannabee gang kid for me last week on the bus- He showed who he was raised to be by his mother. He stood up and politely offered me his seat on a crowded bus. I saw the man that his mother meant for him to be in that one act.

Mothers do not quit on your sons- even when they drag your energy into less than none at all and they have stood on you last nerve. Because they remember you in a simple act of kindness and it has not all gone out one ear and out the other. Some of it sticks.
-- RaeOfDarkess

Once again Eve Hall has said it so eloquently, but so correctly in her essay [What Women Want]. Only Eve can wrap it up and say what women want in so few words. Her writing splashes over in an almost poetic wave baring her poetess soul.
-- Bonnie Everett-Hawkes

Eggs Four Different Ways [by Sue Moore] in the Summer Solstice Issue 2008.

I really enjoyed Ms. Moore's submission, Eggs Four Different Ways. I wish that there was more fiction like this to read. It was truly literary worthy and a truly enjoyable read.
-- Kathryn Corbeil

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