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Mountains by William Gibbons

Table of Contents


Half-states by Stacy Link
Be kind to old, forgotten clothes by Michael Hazani
Harvest by Carole Davis
The Wave by Carole Davis
Autumn Parade by Carole Davis
Robotized by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
The Ceremony by Kia Hayes
From The Porch by Jason Jaksetic
October Rain by Charity Bryson
Staggering by Charity Bryson
Consumer by Jody Zolli
untitled by Lisa Shea
Autumn by Sharon Lasitter
Sleep by Sharon Lasitter
Sixteen in '62 by Charity Bryson
#33 by Kia Hayes
Ceded Life by Gregory A. Kompes
Those Distant Dogs by Catherine Van Herrin
Apology to the People by Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby
Moss by Stacy Link
Indiscreet Journeys by dalriada
Letter to the Dead by Jill Florio


Xin Chao Means Hello by Teresa Coates
Look Deep Into The Mirror by Victoria Thomas Poller
Where Did The Children Go by Emilie B
Diving Into Dark Blessings, Standing in the Light by Carolyn Lee Boyd
The Male Approval Syndrome by PJ Campbell
Children are: "Workmen-Under-Construction" by Victoria Thomas Poller
Save Me! by Jacquelyn Richey


The Angst of Change by Lisa Shea
Big Picture by Jill Winski
Rainy Day by Wolf LittleBear
The Piper in my Den by Cyndie Goins Hoelscher
Eighteen Messages by Ernestine Hayes
My Jekyll and Hyde by Bushra Farooqui
Forever Lucky´s by Ruthe McDonald
The Creature of the Shadows by Christa Mackey
Library Love Lost by Denning Powell
A Love Poem by Jeanine DeHoney
When the Marigolds Bloom by Ruthe McDonald
Dinosaur Eggs by Carrie Ann Lahain

Book by K. A. Laity


An Interview with Karen Allen

Art and Photography

Mountains by William Gibbons
Kenrokuen Gardens by Joe Liotta
Garden at Kyoto Kokusai by Joe Liotta
Swan by Deb Bonam
Imperial Eggs by Diane Cipollo
Bike in Doorway by Dan Florio
Aspen Sky 1 by Jill Florio
Autumn Sunset by Jill Florio
Cross Over To Serenity by Lisa Shea
Garden in Hida Province by Joe Liotta
The Imperial Palace by Joe Liotta
Bricks-n-Branches by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
Looking Out by William Gibbons
Everglades Siesta by Bob See
Buffalo Park 2 by Dan Florio
Canyon and Clouds by Dan Florio
Destination by William Gibbons
Slanted Ground by Jill Florio
Botanical Beauty by Lily O´Halloran
Love Seat by Jacquelyn Richey
Champagne Pool by Jacquelyn Richey
Books by William Gibbons
Aspen Sky 2 by Jill Florio
Over the Rainbow by Erika Lyn Smith
Horizontal Blaze by Erika Lyn Smith


Letter From the Publisher
What You Are Saying
Letter From the Editor

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