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Mountains by William Gibbons

Deb Bonam Deb Bonam

Deb is the Creativity Editor at BellaOnline. She is an acrylics painter and digital photographer. Her B.S. Degree is in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University. She likes to divide her time between her writing pursuits and her art.

Carolyn Lee Boyd Carolyn Lee Boyd

Carolyn Lee Boyd writes fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and memoirs celebrating the spirituality and creativity in women's everyday lives. Over the past three decades, she has published in women's and feminist literary, art, and spirituality magazines, both in print and online. You may read her occasional musings and selected writings, as well as download a free copy of her latest novel, at http://goddessinateapot.wordpress.com.

Diane Cipollo Diane Cipollo

Diane Cipollo started as a traditional pen and ink artist in the greeting card industry and won third place in the Decorative Artist's Workbook 1998 Holiday Card Contest. She has always been fascinated by animated movies such as Disney's Fantasia and turned in her traditional pen and ink for digital pixels several years ago when digital art and animation software arrived on the scene. She has been with BellaOnline since 2003 as editor for the HTML, PHP, Flash and Digital Art and Design sections.

Teresa Coates Teresa Coates

Portland-based freelance writer Teresa Coates believes in following through with crazy ideas and bringing her kids along for the ride. She is currently working on a memoir about their (mis)adventures in Asia. She can be found online at www.teresacoates.com.

dalriada dalriada

dalriada(ann) has an mfa in sculpture from edinburgh college of art,and first began writing poetry occasionally about 10 years ago.the writing was initially done in relation to her sculpture, but has become an independent activity.ann feels that consideration of the element of 'form' in sculpture is also present in writing poetry..looking at the importance of the 'right' word,and regarding words as objects in themselves.some favourite poets..sylvia plath, janet paisley,carol ann duffy.

Jeanine DeHoney Jeanine DeHoney

Jeanine DeHoney has had a passion for writing ever since she was a little girl and that passion was fueled by her late mother Evelyn who supplied her with a steady stream of notebooks into her adulthood. She has had her writing published in Essence, Upscale, Today's Black Woman, Radiance,and in the book Chicken Soup For The African American Soul. She has upcoming pieces being published in Quality Womans Fiction, Woman Voices of Change, and Empowerment4Women.

Dan Florio Dan Florio

Dan Florio has been taking digital pictures since 1998, before most people knew there were digital cameras. He especially likes taking pictures of contrasts in light and isn't afraid to use Photoshop to get what he wants. Trips to Europe are his specialty. You can see more of his photography at XanaduWest.com. In his day job he is a Actionscript developer inventing creative Flash/Flex/AIR apps. Visit his blog/portfolio at polyGeek.com.

Jill Florio Jill Florio

Jill Florio is frequently found wandering the desert with her digital camera, a bottle of water and a big sun hat. She also enjoys environmental portraiture. Her nature and journalistic prints were published in the Prescott Daily Courier, The Prescott Valley Tribune, Sweat Magazine, Flagstaff Live, Mountain Living Magazine, the Big Bug News and Chino Valley Reporter.

Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby

Alessandra Diridoni Grigsby, author of "Every Stone in the River", published by Inverness House Press, tries to divide her time between writing poetry, short stories, and software licensing contracts. She enjoys large extended family at every opportunity. She and her husband try to spend time on their trawler in the Sacramento, CA Delta, where she enjoys listening to, and is trying to translate the song of the Bullfrog in words. Diridoni Grigsby's motto is: "Read ... Learn ... Live".

Ernestine Hayes Ernestine Hayes

Hayes is the author of Blonde Indian, an Alaska Native Memoir, which won an American Book Award and was the finalist for the Kiriyama Prize and PEN non-fiction 2007. She lives in Juneau, Alaska and is the grandmother of four.

Cyndie Goins Hoelscher Cyndie Goins Hoelscher

Cyndie Goins Hoelscher is an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction. Honors include Phi Theta Kappa Bierkoe Distinguished Scholar's Award, Del Mar College Hall of Fame, USA TODAY All American Academic Award, Texas House of Representatives Certificate of Citation, City of Corpus Christi Mayor's Certificate of Commendation on Oustanding Achievement for Changes Both Statewide and Local Levels. Her characters look deep within themselves for truth and the inspiration to let their souls fly.

Melissa Knoblett-Aman Melissa Knoblett-Aman

Melissa Knoblett-Aman is a freelance writer who holds a degree in English with a concentration in Writing and Editing from Western Carolina University. She has loved all forms of writing, be it fiction, poetry or non-fiction, ever since she can remember. In addition to serving as BellaOnline's editor for Catholicism and Cats, Melissa also writes content for Squidoo and has been published in a variety of print media. Her Squidoo page can be found at http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/melryn. She also enjoys digital photography, playing with her cats and traveling.

Gregory A. Kompes Gregory A. Kompes

Gregory A. Kompes (www.Kompes.com) is the author of the bestselling 50 Fabulous Gay-Friendly Places to Live, and the Writer's Series. He's editor of the Queer Collection: Prose & Poetry series, The Fabulist Flash, a newsletter for writers, BellaOnline’s Distance Learning Website, the Patchwork Path series, and the award winning Eighteen Questions. Gregory holds a BA in English Literature from Columbia University, NY, an MS. Ed. from CSU, East Bay, and is pursuing his Ph.D. at Capella University.

Joe Liotta Joe Liotta

Throughout childhood, Joe Liotta was constantly drawing, painting or involved in some manner of creative project. His current art experience includes covers and illustrations for magazines, newsletters, textbooks and game modules; graphic designs for organizations; and artwork for the private sector. Mr. Liotta works in a variety of media including graphite, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, and digital, and has won a number of related awards. His portfolio is viewable at: www.JoeLiottaArt.com.

Wolf LittleBear Wolf LittleBear

When not busy pursuing the mysteries of the afterlife as a lead investigator with Paranormal Research & Investigations in Southeastern Michigan (P.R.I.S.M.) he writes novels, poetry, and blogs on various subjects. He has released 4 books globally as well as art prints of selected poetry works. For more information please visit http://www.myspace.com/wolflittlebear.

Victoria Thomas Poller Victoria Thomas Poller

“Where Did That Come From” was her first book. There may be some things in it that you’ve heard before, yet there may be new revelation, which make you say, “Hum?” In her next book: “Bent But Not Broken”, Ms. “V” tells of her transition and growth within the Lord to move from behind the counter to the front of thousands, giving Biblical advise. She is the Dear Abbie of the Christian Circuit and can be reached on her website at www.victoriapoller.com.

Denning Powell Denning Powell

Denning is the older half of the Lee Denning writing team, with his daughter Leanne being the other half. They are authors of the metaphysical/paranormal romance thriller Monkey Trap (Book I of the Nova Sapiens Trilogy). Hiding Hand (Book II) is coming out in September 2008. Splintered Light (Book III) is in progress. Author and book details are on www.monkeytrap.us.

Jacquelyn Richey Jacquelyn Richey

Jacquelyn is an actor/writer/explorer/bon vivant living in Venice, California. www.JacquelynRichey.com.

Lisa Shea Lisa Shea

Lisa relishes the challenge of conveying meaning and memorable characters in a limited amount of time and space. She is drawn to the ocean and has spent many quiet evenings watching the sun set over docks and fishing boats. Her stories, poems and images are often full of natural beauty and peaceful serenity. You can enjoy thousands of her photos at http://www.lisashea.com.

Erika Lyn Smith Erika Lyn Smith

Erika Lyn Smith's digital photography and artwork is vibrant. Every photograph or artwork starts out as a simple digital picture, and many end up as abstract works of art. Erika Lyn Smith loves creating atypical stock photography and innovative Power Point Presentations for individual or company use. To see more of Erika Lyn Smith’s artwork and photography please visit www.ErikaLynSmith.com. You may contact Erika through her website with personal requests regarding her photography or artwork.

Jill Winski Jill Winski

Jill Winski received her MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. Her favorite subject matter is the complexity inherent in human relationships, but cats frequently show up in her writing and artwork as well. She lives in the Chicago area with two very spoiled cats, and sometimes hangs out at her blog, psychesgoldenbox.blogspot.com.

Charity Bryson
Charity started writing poetry in high school, but was detoured by drugs, sex and rock & roll in the '60's and later by child rearing. Her work has been published locally. Her local fair has honored her with both first prize and best of show for her writing. Her muses are nature and her grandsons. Charity was raised in Napa, but has lived in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevadas for 20-plus years. She attended San Francisco State in the '60s.

PJ Campbell
PJ Campbell freelance writer and author consultant has written articles for newspapers, magazines and web-sites on a variety of adult topics, including business, women's issues, motivation, sports, health, and art. As a consultant, PJ has created book proposals and marketing/press campaigns for a number of writers, artists, photo stylists, and others. She is the co-developer of the upcoming writers' workshop, The Art & Business of Writing. Visti:http//www.pjcampbellwriter.com.

Carole Davis
Carole Davis has been writing poetry for many years, and has a particular affinity for children’s literature, science fiction, and fantasy novels. Her writing has appeared in The Whimsic Alley Book of Spells, Pawsitively Awesome Pet Poems, The Innocence of Children, Best Modern Voices, Volume 1: A Poetry Anthology, The Language of Leadership, in products from Blue Mountain Arts, Inc., and online at www.sps.com, Boomer Women Speak, Common Ties, Winning Writers, and Trellis Magazine.

Bushra Farooqui
Student, writer, dreamer, that sums up everything about me.

William Gibbons
William Gibbons is an amateur comic artist/animator, currently attending college in Boston. You can read his comic, Para-Ten, at www.para-ten.com.

Kia Hayes
Kia Hayes is a writer and artist currently living in Japan. She has received literature and writing degrees from San Francisco State University and Swarthmore College. Her work has been published in Black Woman and Child Magazine, Women Writers : A Zine, Stanford’s Black Arts Quarterly and Quiet Storm: Voices of Young Black Poets. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, her current projects include an examination of modern haiku literature and Zen inspired art.

Michael Hazani
Michael Hazani is a musician and writer originally from Jerusalem, Israel. He currently studies Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. See more of his work at www.michaelhazani.net.

Jason Jaksetic
Jason is a full time guitar and bass instructor. He is a competitive cyclist and his writings are the result of manically long rides in the countryside.

Carrie Ann Lahain
Carrie Ann Lahain is a writer and editor in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has recently completed a first novel and is at work on a second. Her short fiction has appeared in literary journals and small magazines. Explore Carrie's blog "This Literary Life" at clahain.wordpress.com.

K. A. Laity
Dr. Laity is Assistant Professor of English at the College of Saint Rose in New York. Her short story collection, Unikirja [Dreambook], will be published this fall by Aino Press and has already won her a Eureka Short Story Fellowship and a Finlandia Foundation grant. In addition to her work on plays and radio scripts, Laity has recently completed a new novel and the script for her second comic book collaboration with artist Elena Steier. Visit www.kalaity.com for more news.

Sharon Lasitter
Sharon Lasitter attended College for visual arts, but has found a more comfortable home in the literary field. She is an editor for BellaOnline, has finished her first novel, Dover Graye; and is currently working on her second novel. She also continues to write haiku.

Stacy Link
Stacy lives in Apple Valley, California. She is currently musing over making a painting of the silver dollar eucalyptus tree in her front yard.

Christa Mackey
Kryssie began writing when she was quite young--grade school, to be exact. A published poet, Kryssie decided to branch into the realm of short stories and fiction--in her opinion, her better works. Influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and E.A. Poe, her workings in the horror genre tend toward the gothic and neogothic. She currently resides in California with her husband, Ken, and cat, Nekko.

Ruthe McDonald
Ruthe McDonald is an author and freelance writer. As well, a Minister and Biblical studies teacher and inspirational speaker. She is also the editor for BellaOnline.com's African American Culture site. Her Sunday blog, Reflections, captures the heart of who she is. www.ruemcdonald.gather.com.

Lily O´Halloran
Lily O'Halloran is a freelance writer who enjoys dabbling in digital photography. She can often be found outside taking scenic pictures of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Bob See
Bob See has been actively interested in photography for many years. He enjoys taking images of air shows, wildlife and landscapes. He used a Canon EOS 20-D for the images in this magazine. The lens was a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS. Bob can be reached at his golfing site at http://enjoyma.com/golf/.

Catherine Van Herrin
Catherine Van Herrin has been writing poetry since age 14. She has a BA in English followed by 22 years' editorial experience. An Atlanta native, she has lived in Texas, North Carolina and Idaho. She leads poetry workshops and classes regularly and also works as a freelance writer and editor.

Jody Zolli
Jody Zolli is a technical writer with a lifelong passion for creative writing. She appreciates the opportunity BellaOnline provides to writers and artists to share their work in a supportive forum. Jody is a former Poetry Editor at BellaOnline.

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