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Mountains by William Gibbons

Be kind to old, forgotten clothes

Michael Hazani

Be kind to old, forgotten clothes
Of which you´re eager to dispose,
To ancient woolen sweaters which
(Though maybe once have found their niche)
Appear like relics from the past
That someone foolishly miscast
As garments you might want to wear.

Be kind to shirts you´d like to spare,
To trousers torn beyond repair,
And corduroys that have served you well
As blankets in some cheap motel
Pray, don´t dismiss them without thought,
In some polluted parking lot
Trampled, torn, and poorly wrapped -

Be kind to every single flap
That´s hidden in your drawers, unmapped
For you may end up one of those
Who (not unlike those ancient clothes)
Astounded, find that they´ve been scrapped
Trampled, torn, and poorly wrapped.

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