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Mountains by William Gibbons

Autumn Parade

Carole Davis

The sweet smell of cinnamon and apples
accompanies the breeze,
as autumn wafts coolly through the air.
Hazy weather says so long
to sunbathers for another year,
as gold and auburn replace spring and summer green.
The wind begins to moan as if tired from a long journey,
although it has yet to unleash winterís mighty forces.
Its crisp chill sends people scurrying for their jackets,
and for the warmth of the indoors.
Large v-shaped formations
can be seen and heard overhead,
making a southern path their destination.

Leaves take on their fall coats
before fluttering cozily onto the still-warm earth,
hushing the grasses beneath them into hibernation.
Children hurry to take advantage,
and romp in raked piles of every size and color.
Nuts call on the wind to propel them
to their hiding places among the leaves below.

Perennials, wishing each other a happy winter sleep,
close up their year-end blooms peacefully,
and hunker down close to the soil.
Pumpkins of all sizes smile spiritedly at each other
from doorsteps all over town,
while others stand proudly expressionless.
One by one, fireplaces begin to send
smoke signals to one another to welcome in the season,
as once again autumn makes its yearly parade into town.

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