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Yellow Indian Curry

Lori Bernard

The olive oil sizzles,
Popping in the heat of the skillet.
A sweet yellow onion, minced and watery,
Becomes transparent in its tenderness.
Flaming red with ripeness, diced tomatoes
Add fiery color and juiciness to the dish.
It simmers, and the minutes pass by like hours.

Succulent chicken, baked in savory flavors of
Cumin and coriander are added to the crackle.
Dusty red potatoes disappear in the blend,
Previously cooked in boiling, salty water.
Vegetable juice deluges the essence of our meal,
Thickening as it slowly bubbles in the pan.
It simmers, and the minutes pass by like hours.

Curry powder, the crux of the golden Indian dish,
Is generously added by silver tablespoons.
Paprika’s bleeding color is sprinkled lightly
And the spiciness of cayenne consumes the air.
Fresh, aromatic cilantro is torn,
Garnishing the curry served in my American bowl.
It’s ready, and the time stops as I revel in every bite.

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