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Bearded Iris by Lisa Shea

Table of Contents


Seascape by Carole Conner Davis
The Butterfly Garden by Lee Evans
Grasshopper Cages by Lee Evans
Being Instructions On How To Make An Origami Heart by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Untitled by Lisa Shea
Yellow Indian Curry by Lori Bernard
Pantoum: Cloud Wisps by Leslie E. Hoffman
Homeless by Tammy M. Brown
Mom by Tammy M. Brown
Natural Submission by Brandy M. Meiyappan
Under the Moon by Genevieve Fitzgerald
Your Face Etched Upon My Skin by Tammy Marie Brown
Going Coastal by Carole Conner Davis
Just Acknowledge by Genevieve Fitzgerald
About a Girl by Aneta Cruz
Joy of Flight by Marjory Stone
Clouded by Carole Conner Davis
Back to Black (Dreaming in Verse) by Kim Sisto Robinson
Untitled by Lisa Shea
Vitreous Floaters by Lee Evans
Transfiguring Reality by Molly LeGreve-Karjala
I Walk The Line by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Midnight Rose by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Prague by Aneta Cruz
The Only Two by Gregory A. Kompes
It Has No Name by Sheila Mae Tenold
Little Green Frog by Jancarl Campi
When Will We Be Most Lovely? by Jason Jaksetic
A Motherīs Joy...Haiku by Annemarie Bogart
Poetry For Someone I Loved by Dr. Merin Kuruvilla
The Day Before Rehab by Aneta Cruz
The Death of Bathory by Bhavika Sicka
Rain Dance by Stacey S. Dye
Spending the Night by Rachael Z. Ikins
How by Leon A. Walker
Fixer by Jody Zolli
Almost by Genevieve Fitzgerald


Shadow of the Mountains by Nancy Lynn Dietrich
The Dance by Patricia Palmer Hurd
Forget Me Not by Teresa Coates
Wedding in Sur, South Lebanon by Cecile Sarruf
Bar Harbor Souvenir by Beverly Denise Nebb Roosendaal
Dog Day Afternoon by Nancy Lynn Dietrich
Remnants by Julie L Scharf
Baseball Caps, Carbohydrates and Service Centers by Hannah Greenberg
Surfing the Curl by Marjory Stone
That August Night by Marjory Stone
Letters to the Dead: A Collection of Heartbeats by Alpana Patel Camilli
Miss Independent II: Transcontinental Search by Charity C. Tran

Javanīs Task by Ardith Quinne
Puckinī Around by Thomas J. Robidoux
A September Afternoon by Lori Bernard
Missed Connection by Barnali Saha
The Luckiest Man in Bavaria by Thomas J. Robidoux
The Dollhouse by Susan Pierce
Shades of Grey in the Circle of Life by Tammy Elizabeth Southin
Mirror Image by Melissa Knoblett-Aman


Three Margarets and a Grace by Stephanie Holman/Armiger


Lee Evans by Lee Evans
Shahasp Valentine by Lisa Shea

Art and Photography

Bearded Iris by Lisa Shea
Queen by Mark Berkery
Habit by Darryn James Rae
LongHorn in Blue by Mark Berkery
Shy Fly by Mark Berkery
Spiez, Switzerland by Lori Bernard
Flag by Erika Lyn Smith
Disappearing by Erika Lyn Smith
Three Layers / Siberian Iris by Lisa Shea
Petal Pusher by Maury Schulman
Andrewīs Magritte In Mexico by Andrew R. Sciandra
Friedman Hacienda by Andrew R Sciandra
Prince William Sound Iceflow by Andrew R Sciandra
Bermuda Sea Bird by Bob See
Sea Storm by Melissa Knoblett-Aman
Nautical Dance by Karen Pruitt Fowler
Cathedral Details, Reims France by Lisa Shea
I Dreamed of Irises by Karen Pruitt Fowler
Bermuda Bird by Bob See
Frozen in Time by Maury Schulman
Two Swallowtail Butterflies by Donna J. Ward
Salmon Catcher by Maury Schulman
Great Blue Heron by Donna Sciandra
Barnacles - Puget Sound WA by Lisa Shea
YogiDog Discerns the Downside to Scorpion Pose by Susan Alison
Itīs a Writerīs Life by Susan Alison
Dragon by Mark Berkery
Dedicated Ant by Mark Berkery
Bee on Coneflower by Deb Bonam
The Vulture King by Maury Schulman
I See You! by Donna Sciandra
Lincoln Memorial by Kim Kenney
Lights by Kim Kenney


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