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Joy of Flight

Marjory Stone

As free as thought
my plane dips to earth,
flying through the stratus

I soar through space
not a whisper in the air,
Cutting through spumes of cloud,
Racing for the stars
waiting expectantly

Up, up into the mirrored blue,
like a seagull
dancing with easy grace,
What peace
aloft in the majesty of space

Into this realm I am enveloped,
consumed by scorpion shaped clouds,
Out of touch with earth
within a small world of my own

My thoughts suspended towards
the horizon,
Only the engine´s murmur in the
silence of the sky

Angel fingers weave
like cotton candy
Through the blue endless heavens,
What joy this dimension

Feelings of freedom, power,
faith and control
So few are able to experience
on this plane

Time and distance slip past my wings
as I peer downward,
to the bonds of earth

Diving towards the ground,
fog hanging
under a motionless sun,
I dip, turn through the Valley
And touch the ground at home

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