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Back to Black (Dreaming in Verse)

Kim Sisto Robinson

The last thing I remember about last
Night was dancing on a tarnished table
To Amy Winehouseís, Black on Black.
Everything else was uneven like shattered
Glass, a Picasso painting, a gaping eye staring
Presumably at my preposterous behavior
After drinking five, or was it six Margaritas?

A hand here, a foot there, a decapitated face,
A breast dangling on white canvas like a sort of
Hot air balloon balanced. But I recall a man
Standing in the corner, a dark shadow, a penumbra
Penetrating, a chiseled piece of marble. His voice,
A deep cave of endlessness causing my ovaries
To jump up and down like two girlfriends sharing
Secrets. I couldnít figure out if he were a Poet
Or a God, but I decided on Poet since words have
Perpetually seduced me, undressed me, brought
Me to my knees with their powerful tongues and
Textures, and anyway, poetry is the only reason
Iím still living today.

I think he recited Donne or Byron, not that it mattered
A damn. I was already in love, already unfastening my
Buttons, already wrapping my silk stockings around
His thick neck and licking the syllables dripping from
His delectable jaw.

I donít know how I ended up on the table, or how I encountered
This beautiful Poet. I donít know why I was kissing Allegory
And Alliteration off another manís mouth while my husband
lay curled next to me. I donít know anything about anything.
But this is what poetry does to me; this is how metaphor changes me.
My apologies, Mr. Poet, Mr. Donne, Mr. Byron, it really has nothing to
Do with you, itís what you do, itís the verse, itís how it immerses
Me with sound and sensuality at the same time, itís the way the salt
From the strawberry margaritas still sticks to my lips...

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