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Bearded Iris by Lisa Shea


Transfiguring Reality

Molly LeGreve-Karjala

While ambling along, one day.

In search of eternal beauty amid the crowds,
A different reality, I happened across.

Vaporous, gaseous: humanity spews forth.
Presenting ourselves to the world:
Blemished, but hopeful.

While pursuing approval and endearments:
Blood-smells and sweat, pungent and acrid.
Announce us: surround us; trail us.

Immersed in ordinariness,
Hairy-ear orifices: warts, knobs.
Still craving love’s caresses.

Presented for inspection:
Leaking noses and dank breath.
Lumpy bumps and jiggling flesh.

Dry rot of ideas; smallness of mind.
Seeking ever-new depths of tolerance.
When offering none in return.

Making the leap—succeeding in part.
I see a glimmer, though miniscule:

Of what we ask of God.

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