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Bearded Iris by Lisa Shea



Aneta Cruz

Oh my beloved
city of hundred towers

How my feet yearn for your cobble stone streets,
my fingertips long to feel the wrinkled crease
on your centuries old face.
I want to breathe in your nostalgic skies,
eavesdrop on your waters while I close my eyes
leaning over my favorite bridge.

Oh my beloved
lady of hundred towers

Hold me again like a mother holds a child,
fill me with wisdom - take the lost and the wild
out of me.
Tame my puzzled mind that fogs my heart,
I want so desperately to be a part
of you.

Oh my beloved
city of Prague

My wandering soul now seeks its home,
so carve out my name into the stone
of white marble.
Then cover me gently for Id like to sleep,
lay me down softly right by your feet
for eternity.

Oh my beloved
we belong.

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