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Bearded Iris by Lisa Shea


Three Margarets and a Grace

Stephanie Holman/Armiger


Angel, a gentle soft spoken female.

Grace, a very proper lady always concerned about her appearance. She is the only one who speaks total proper English.

Margaret #1, the youngest of the four. Nothing is really wrong with her. Mostly reserved, but will speak up for herself.

Margaret #2, sort of back woods type person. She goes along the easiest with Grace´s ideas. A bit senile.

Margaret #3, she is very negative and nasty. She has a real chip on her shoulder and has pretty much given up on everything.

Andy, the young good looking therapist.

Clara, the server and BINGO caller.

Don Juan, the old guy who hits on women. Could also play one of the residents.

Residents, three or four extras who play residents and the old lady in the walker.



[In front of the curtain is Grace in her younger form. There is a Heavenly light shining on Grace and the angel that she is talking to. She has just died.]

"Amazing Grace" is playing softly in the background.

ANGEL: Grace, Grace dear, open your eyes now.

GRACE: (Blinking and looking around) Huh...where am I? Who are you?

ANGEL: Grace...Grace...are you listening? Grace, look at me.

GRACE: Look at you...(She is looking at her hands, rubbing them down her body, across her face and rubbing her hair as she slowly looks up at the angel with a big grin on her face.) Look at me! Am I...

ANGEL: Yes Grace, you are in Heaven. Believe me, you wouldn´t look this good if you were in the other place, but...

GRACE: (Interrupting) WOW! I feel great! Look how easily I can move. (She twirls around, raises her arms and flexes her fingers.) I made it! So, where is everybody? I always heard that there would be loved ones here to greet you. Where is my husband? Where is my mom? Where is...

ANGEL: Calm down, calm down. Yes, you are right. Usually there are loved ones to greet you, but not always. Not in times like this.

GRACE: Times like this? What do you mean times like this? I...

ANGEL: Well my dear, I have some good news and I´m afraid also some bad news for you.

GRACE: I do hope that this is one of those good news bad news jokes...right?

ANGEL: No. I’m afraid not. Let me just get this over with.

(Half in a whisper) Oh why am I always the one who has to tell them?

Well, the good news is that one day you will be here with all of your loved ones, and some you might not love so much...wasn’t my decision. The bad news is, is that this isn’t that day.

GRACE: It isn´t that isn´t that day? Why on earth not? I’m ready. What do I have to live for? My life’s over. I’m just a burden now. I can hardly hold a spoon to feed myself and you know how much I like to eat.

ANGEL: That may well be my dear, and I am so glad that you have had so many pleasures in your life. But now there are others that need you. I know, I know, you have raised three children and did a great job. You were the head of the Cancer drive for years and always in the PTA. But there is more in you, more than you know and we need you down there for just a little while longer.

GRACE: Need me. Need me for what? I’m in a lousy nursing home for crying out loud! What do they need me for, to sell more diapers to? It’s my worst nightmare come true. I don’t want to go back...NO, NO, NO!!!

ANGEL: I am so sorry my dearest, but our time here is over and you must return. And before you come back to us, you must complete your final task.

GRACE: (The angel backs off to one side and Grace to another) You are going to tell me what this task is aren’t you? Hey...wait...tell me so I can get it over with...

ANGEL: (You can only hear her voice now. The lights are dimming as they exit, then go black) Remember, we need you...they need you. And know this...I am not far away.


[The curtain opens on the next scene with Grace at the dining room table with her head down on her arms. Two Margarets are wheeling themselves down in their wheelchairs across the stage. The other Margaret, Margaret #1 is holding on to a lady’s (who is in a walker) skirt hitching a ride. The lady keeps trying to smack her hand away. They all enter through an imaginary doorway. The table decorations will tell you what time of year it is.]

MARGARET #1: Looks like we’ve got a new table mate.

MARGARET #3.: Oh great! She looks like a real loser. Everybody in this place is a loser, so what else is new?

MARGARET #2: Hey Margaret, (Addressing #3) she’s in your spot. You gonna smack her or somethin´?

MARGARET #3.: Oh shut up! I’m sittin over here away from her. You sit next to her.

MARGARET #1: Oh clam up! I’ll sit next to her. She sure doesn’t want to see your face first thing.

[They all get settled while they keep their eyes on Grace.]

MARGARET #3: Hey...what’s wrong with her? Wake up! (She goes to push on her arm and Margaret 1 stops her)

MARGARET #1. Leave her alone. She’s probably sleeping. She is allowed to sleep isn’t she?

MARGARET #3: No. She’s supposed to be eating. The bedroom’s for sleeping.

(She still has her arm across the table.)

MARGARET #1: LEAVE HER ALONE! (She puts her hand on top of hers and physically puts it back in front of her)

MARGARET #2: Listen Honey, we only got so much time left here. If she wants to spend it sleepin, that’s her business. (She looks at Grace and gets a concerned look on her face.) Maybe I just better check. You know, to make sure she’s not hungry or somethin. (She gently touches her arm and leans in towards her.) Honey, (pat, pat) Honey, you okay? You wannah eat lunch?

MARGARET #3.: Maybe she´s too good to eat with us.

MARGARET #2: Give´r a minute...give´r a minute.

(Slowly she peeks her eyes just above her arms, obviously glancing around. She shoots her head up, giving a little jump, and yells. In this scene when Grace speaks she is very shaky.)

GRACE.: AHHHHH!!! (She runs her hand down her body and looks at her hands.) OH NOOOOOOOOO! I AM back! (She plops her head back down. The others start to inquire as to where she went...if she’s okay.) (Mumbling) Isn’t it enough I have to be I’m supposed to complete some kind of task. I really didn’t think she was serious. (She raises her head) Obviously she was!

MARGARET #2: Come on honey, sit up, we´re havin spaghetti today. You like spaghetti don´t cha?

GRACE: (Not raising her head) I don´t want spaghetti, and I don´t want to be here.

MARGARET #3: Well neither do we, so get used to it.

MARGARET #1: At least they wait on us and not us on them.

Grace slowly lifts her head, her arms are still folded on the table blinks and looks around the table. The Margarets introduce themselves.

MARGARET #1: (Pointing to herself) My name is Margaret. (She points to #3) and this is Margaret.

MARGARET #2: I´m Margaret honey, what´s your name?

GRACE: Well, I know it´s not Margaret...You guys are pulling my leg, right? (All the Margarets shake their heads no) You´re serious. (They all shake their heads yes) Get out of here!

MARGARET #2: That´s right honey, Margaret, Margaret, and Margaret.

(Pointing to each of them)

GRACE: Well, I´ll be. Well...I guess that saves me the trouble of trying to remember everybody´s name.

MARGARET #3: So, are you gonna tell us your name or not?

GRACE: Is she always this sweet?

MARGARET #2: Yeh, she´s real sticky... a real pleasure ta have around. So, we´re all Margaret and you are...?

GRACE: Grace. Shouldn´t be too hard to remember. Every time you come to the table to eat, you say grace, right?

MARGARET #3: Yeh, right. I thank God every day that my ungrateful brats put me in this hell hole. All those years I took care of them, all the sacrifices I made and this is the thanks I get. Wham! See ya later Ma!

MARGARET #1: My kids put me here too...but I wanted to come. No more, "Mom, can you watch my kids?" Mom, you´d better make extra for Thanksgiving, we´re bringin friends. Nope, no more do this and do that. It´s my turn to let somebody else take care of me. See this...(As a server puts her lunch in front of her) we just wheel ourselves down here and someone else not only makes the food, but serves it.

MARGARET #2: (Sarcastically) Yeh, this is really livin high on the hog! I´d rather be in my trailer, at least I can choose what ta eat and when I wanna eat it. How ´bout you honey...did they bring ya over from the hospital? Ya don´t look so good.

GRACE: (Now with her hands folded in front of her) I´m not supposed to be here. I should be in Heaven with my husband...not here...not here!! I don´t belong here. I´m old. I should be gone by now. That stroke should have killed me. Besides, by husband is waiting for me in Heaven and my three girls have lives of their own. It´s sad to say, but two of them are nurses, and I´m still here.

MARGARET #3: How do you know he´s in Heaven?

GRACE: I just know, that´s all. By the way, who do I have to talk to around here to get my hair done? I must look a fright. (As she weakly pats her hair looking very forlorn) And look at my nails!


[All the Margarets are back at the table, only this time they´re playing BINGO.

Grace is wheeling herself down the hallway with her head down mumbling to herself.]

GRACE: I don´t know if I can do this. I don´t know if I can do this. (She stops) Do what? I don´t even know what it is that I´m supposed to do. (She shakes her head then looks up)

ANGEL: (In the background, softly) You can do it Grace...I know you can.

GRACE: (As she joins the others) It would be nice if you´d give me a hint. (Her BINGO card is waiting at her place)

MARGARET #2: You all right honey? You talkin to somebody? Come on over. You all right?


MARGARET #1: Grace, Grace, you got B-12...see. (She points)

GRACE: Oh, yes, so I do. (She slowly pushes a bean on her card)


(Grace is daydreaming.)

MARGARET #1: Grace, you´re not paying attention, you have that number too. Look at your card.

GRACE: I can´t believe I´m playing BINGO...BINGO! I´m sitting here wasting my time playing BINGO. I never even went to my church and played BINGO. Here Margaret take my card. (She pushes it to Margaret #1) Doing nothing is more productive than playing BINGO. More fun too.

MARGARET #3: Too good for BINGO too are ya? You have a better idea?

GRACE: I couldn´t have been sent back here for this!

Scene 4

[The four of them are in the physical therapy room. They all have T-shirts and shorts on. The physical therapist is a handsome young man. Their wheelchairs are in a row facing the audience. They all have light weights in their hands and are doing their best to lift them in the air.]

ALL: One, two, three, four, our boobs are sagging to the floor.
Five, six, seven, eight, let´s try to make them stand up straight.
One, two, three, four, (As they start to slow down) I don´t want to do this anymore.
Five, six, seven, eight, (One by one they drop their arms in their laps)
I have a feeling it´s too late. (They´re all mumbling and groaning and looking at their chests. All except Grace)

GRACE: Ha, maybe it´s too late for the rest of you (she sits up straight and shows her profile) but mine have always been quite perky. I wear a bra to bed you know.

ANDY: Okay ladies, now let´s move to some leg exercises. (He moves from one lady to the next starting at stage right as the ladies talk)

MARGARET #3: Well, maybe you should wear that bra over your mouth instead.

GRACE: Well, maybe you should do something with that hair. I´ve seen baboons with better hair styles.

MARGARET #1: I really don´t care what I look like. I´m tired of caring. If they want to fix my hair, fine. If not, who cares.

MARGARET #3: Well, maybe you should think about us. We´re the ones who have to look at you.

MARGARET #2: Well, if ya wanna know the truth, I´d rather be in my trailer lookin at my cat´s butt end than lookin´ at any a yous. I´m sick a lookin at all a ya! I wonder where my trailer is.

MARGARET #3: Well, why don´t you go home to your precious trailer then and stop tellin us about it. We don´t wanna hear it!

MARGARET #2: I would if I could...but I can´t. I wish I could...but I can´t.

MARGARET #1: Why not Margaret? You´re getting better.

MARGARET #2. Because...well, they took it...the state, and sold it. I needed ta stay here and they sold it right out from under me.

GRACE. Well, what about your kids, couldn´t they do something?

MARGARET #2. I don´t have any kids and my husband died a drunk a long time ago. All I had was my cat, and now I don´t even have him anymore either. Gone, my trailer... an my cat.

MARGARET #3: Huh! You can have my kids if ya want. A lotta good they are.

ANDY: Okay ladies, your session is over for today. (He says as he´s finishing up with Grace) You can go now. See you tomorrow. (Grace is the last one out)

GRACE: See you tomorrow Andy.

ANDY: Yea, see you then, sexy legs. (He winks and Grace looks up a bit startled and gives a weak smile)


[They are all sitting in the lounge having coffee, tea and a snack. There is the faint sound of a TV in the background.]

MARGARET #3: Isn´t there anything to do in this place besides watch TV and play BINGO? It´s like we´re all walking around dead and we´re just too dumb to fall over.

MARGARET #1: Walking, did you say walking? I don´t see you walking.

MARGARET #3: I don´t see you skipping around yourself. I think you´re just too lazy to walk. You want everybody to do everything for you.

MARGARET #2: I don´t care how much they do for you. I´d rather be home takin care o´ myself. Why´d they take my home?

(Grace is quiet...still daydreaming about what Andy said to her.)

MARGARET #3: (Smacking Grace on the arm) Hey! Hey!

GRACE: (Calmly looking at her) Hey is for horses...what?

MARGARET #3: You thinkin some great thoughts or somethin´?

GRACE: Actually I am. I´m thinking how cute our little therapist is. Don´t you think so?

MARGARET #2: Andy? Our therapist? Oh yeh...woo, woo, ain´t he though.

MARGARET #1: Yeh, too bad we´re not 50 years younger.

MARGARET #3: Ha, 100 years younger wouldn´t help you!

GRACE: He told me I had nice legs.

MARGARET #2: He did? Naw, a young fella like that?

GRACE: Yeh, a young guy like that!

MARGARET #3: Aah, he was probably just doin his good deed for the day.

GRACE: Yes...a young guy like that...nice legs...(She looks at her nails) Now if I could just get somebody to do my nails.

ANGEL: (In the distance) Grace, Grace, they´re ready now. You´re ready now.

GRACE: (To herself with her eyes in the air) I am? You´re still not going to tell me for what...are you?


[The ladies are at the dinner table. Grace seems to be in a good mood. The others are the same as usual. Grace is dressed extra nice.]

MARGARET #1: So, don´t we look all spiffy tonight.

MARGARET #3: Yeh, so who cares? Like there´s anything or anybody to look spiffy for.

GRACE: I think my daughters and my friends would prefer to see me looking nice and taking care of myself. I can still do that you know...unlike some other people I know. (Looking at #3) And besides, I always feel better when I look good.

MARGARET #3: I look good enough for the likes of my so-called often as they come.

GRACE: Well, maybe they would come more often if they didn´t have to look at such a sour puss when they got here. (Under her breath) Not to mention you could use a little deodorant.

MARGARET #3: Oh yeah Miss least I don´t have to wear a bib when I eat.

GRACE: Hmmm, well it´s better than dropping anything on my clothes. And by the way...did you ever hear of a tweezers? That hair in your´s still attached to your chin!

MARGARET #3: That does it Miss Prim and Proper! I´ve had just about enough of you Miss High and Mighty!

GRACE: Hold on. Hold on. Listen to me...all of you. We´re not getting anywhere this way. I´m tired of all this fighting, complaining and bickering.

MARGARET #1: But where do we want to get?

MARGARET #2: Grace has a good point. We´re this dump, and you know where the next stop is.

GRACE: I know, I know, but I´ve been thinking. We´re not dead yet! And I say, as long as there´s breath in this old girl, I´m going to make the best of my time here the best it can or out of this place. (She looks at everyone and gives them a minute to digest what she just said) So...who´s with me? Do you want to wither away here, or bloom here? (As she puts her hand in the middle of the table) I say, we bloom...what say you?

MARGARET #2: (Putting her hand on top of Grace´s) BLOOM!

MARGARET #1: (Putting her hand on top of Margaret´s) BLOOM!

MARGARET #3: (has her arms folded and is staring at their hands.)

GRACE: Margaret, we can be better than this. Let´s live. Our time is precious and we can make it even better. Come can do it. I know you can.

MARGARET #3: (With a skeptical expression on her face, she slowly puts her hand on top) I´m not promisin´ anything, but as long as I have to be here anyway, I´ll give it a try.

GRACE: Then it´s settled, let´s set this place on fire! (Then looking at Margaret #3) Come to my room with me. I have a tweezers with your name on it.


[The ladies are in Grace´s room gathered in a tight circle. Grace hands Margaret #3 a mirror and a tweezers. There is a spotlight on them.]

GRACE: Here, take these. I can´t hold anything tightly anymore.

MARGARET #3: It´s not gonna help. I lost hope a long time ago.

MARGARET #2.: Didn´t you ever hear of the sayin "where there´s life there´s hope?" See, (As Margaret pulls her hair out) you look better already. So, why can´t we help each other ´stead of fightin? That´s what was nice about my Sylvester, he just laid in my lap and purred.

GRACE: There are lots of people worse off than us that we could help. Don´t you think?

MARGARET #3: Oh no! It´s Pollyanna! Are we gonna play the glad game too?

MARGARET #1: Oh hush Margaret, we agreed to do some changing around here. Take a good look in that mirror. Do you like what you see?

MARGARET #3: (She looks in the mirror turning from side to side and patting her face) As much as I hate to admit it... no...not really. Ugh. Honestly, I really was pretty nice looking at one time you know, but those days are long gone.

GRACE: You know Margaret, you don´t have to be nice looking to look nice.

MARGARET #3: So Pollyanna, you got a miracle up your sleeve?

GRACE: (Turning around a grabbing a bag off her dresser) You don´t need a miracle Margaret, just some good, old fashioned, make-up.

MARGARET #3: I don´t know how to use this stuff.

MARGARET #1: Here, let me help you...I used to use a lot of it. You´d never know it now, but I did.

MARGARET #3: Yeh, whatever. I really don´t think it´ll change much...but it certainly can´t hurt.

GRACE: It´s always worth a try. Okay, now listen to me for a minute. What I´m trying to get across here is, we all know that this is not where we want to be. Some of us don´t even want to be on this planet, much less here. But we are. It was obviously meant to be or we wouldn´t be here. Did you ever stop to think that we don´t have to let ourselves be miserable? Think about it. We´ve been through harder times than this, and we made it...(She points to Margaret #2) didn´t we? Margaret, you said that your husband was a drunk. That couldn´t have been easy.

MARGARET #2: Boy, you ain´t kiddin. And if you think he was bad, you should a met his Ma. Woo! I´d a taken two o´ him instead o´ one a her. But I had ta put up with both of them! I sure don´t miss them...but I do miss Sylvester.

GRACE: (To Margaret #1) And Margaret, you´re obviously sick of taking care of everyone. Is there something you´re not sharing with us?

MARGARET #1: (Finally letting her anger be known) I loved my husband. I love my kids, but they treated me like a door mat. I couldn´t do enough for them. I never...NEVER felt like I measured up or was worth anything. It was like, if I wasn´t waiting on them they didn´t know I existed. They just sucked me dry. And this is what´s left. So...let them eat cake! But I´m not makin it!

GRACE: (Looking a Margaret #3) And need we ask? (She hesitates) Maybe we do. Tell us something we don´t know.

MARGARET #3: Does it really matter now?

GRACE. Yes, of course it does. Our lives are shaped by our past...what is it? We know you´re tough, you probably had to tell us why.

MARGARET #3: Aah, what the heck. Well, if you had to grow up with my older sister you´d be tough too. She was as mean as an alligator with a toothache...(She hesitates for a few moments) No, no, that´s not really it. (She looks down and slowly speaks) My oldest son...was killed in Vietnam. (Angrily) Such a waste! What were we doin over there in the first place? I´ll never, NEVER, get over that!! (Tears come)

GRACE: (She pats her hand) I´m so sorry Margaret.

(The others pat her hand too.)

I was just a kid during the depression, but that´s something you never forget. My mother grew everything she could. We put cardboard in our shoes to cover the holds and in the winter we wrapped newspapers around our shoes in the snow.

Compared to that this is a piece of cake. We got through that and we can not only get through this, but we can do it with style and grace! Hey Margaret...(She´s staring at the floor)


GRACE: All of you. Did you hear about the two old guys sitting on the bench? One says to the other, "Last year for our anniversary I took my wife to Hawaii." The other one says, "Wow! What are you going to do this year?" He answers..."I´m going to go back and get her!"

(The lights go immediately black as you hear them all laughing.)


[Everyone is wheeling themselves down to the dining room including Margaret #1. Her expression is inquisitive. They all look better than usual.]

MARGARET #1: (As she rolls up to the table) This is the second time I missed my ride today. I had to wheel myself down here again. (All the others look at each other then Margaret) What, what? Am I missin out on somethin?

GRACE: Your ride´s name was Mary. She was 89 years old. I overheard her telling Lou over there that before she had to use a wheelchair, she´d crawl. (She takes a long glance at Margaret #1) She said as long as she was drawing breath she was going to walk on her own two feet.

MARGARET #1: I don´t get where is she?

GRACE: (Looking down) She´s gone Margaret. She died in her sleep last night. Some of the others were talking about it this morning.

MARGARET #3: Looks like you´ll have to push your own wheelchair from now on Margaret. You think you can han...

GRACE: (Interrupting, she starts singing. She waves to the others to join in) Let the sunshine in, face it with a grin, smilers never lose, and frowners never win, so let the sunshine in, face it with a grin, open up your heart and let the sunshine in. (You hear some others faintly in the background humming along)

MARGARET #3: Okay, okay, I surrender. I get the idea...just please stop singing.

MARGARET #1: She actually said "please."

CLARA: (As she sits some food down in front of her) But I´ve never heard her say "thank you!"

(The others all look at her.)

MARGARET #3. All right, all right. (She says looking down. Then she looks up at Clara) Thank you.

CLARA: You´re welcome. (She smiles and looks around at all of them) My, don´t you ladies look lovely today. Any special occasion? Grace, you even had your nails done. (She picks up her hand to look at them) My, my, um, um, pretty, pretty.

GRACE: Thank you Clara. We´re just cleaning up our act.

CLARA: Nice job!

MARGARET #1: You know, I am really sorry to hear about Mary. She really was a good hearted soul.

MARGARET #2: (Patting her hand) I know ya are Honey. She´s probably happy now tho. You know. In Heaven with ´er loved ones.

GRACE: Speaking of loved ones. I noticed your daughter and her family here this week Margaret. (Looking at Margaret #3)

MARGARET #3: Yeh, she came a long way...with all those kids. I guess it is hard for her to get away. You know what she said? She said, "It´s good to see you looking so good Ma." She said she was gonna talk to my son and maybe they could come down together...soon.

MARGARET #2: (Patting her hand) See now, ain´t that nice.

MARGARET #3: Yeh, well...we´ll see.

(They all start humming "Let the sunshine in.")

MARGARET #3: All right´s nice, it´s nice!

GRACE: You know, all my girls live far away, and my two nurses, well they both have bad backs. They could never have taken care of me. I guess I left that part out. But they always call. Funny, the one that lives the furthest comes to see me the most.

MARGARET #2: Yeh, I guess we all got things ta be grateful for. My sister writes me letters a lot. She can´t afford ta call, but she writes. I like her letters.

MARGARET #1: Don´t look at me, I´m not complainin´.

GRACE: Good... it won´t get you anywhere anyway. So, does everyone remember what we´re all doing today?

ALL THE MARGARETS: Yeh..uh huh...yep!

GRACE: Margaret. (Pointing to Margaret #1)

MARGARET #1: Yes, I know. Today I visit old Ben Hardy and make sure he´s not alone too much.

MARGARET #2: And I go

GRACE. To Mary Jane´s room..

MARGARET #2: ...and play some checkers with ´er. She loves checkers.

MARGARET #3: And I´ll take care of old Beatrice...dang it! She´s almost as crabby as me!

GRACE: That´s why you´ve got her. You can handle her. As for me, it´s off to those two sisters. They just seem so lost. Then at 3:00 we meet in the lounge. I´ll bring the cards and you guys round up some goodies. Okay? So, see you then.

(They all wheel themselves out as you hear them chatter. Lights fade.)


[Margaret #2, Margaret #3 and Grace are in the lounge waiting for Margaret #1.
While they´re waiting the resident "Don Juan" comes up to them. The spotlight is on them.]

DON: My, aren´t you ladies looking lovely today. (They all look up at him and smile) If any of you would care for a private game of checkers in my room tonight, I´m in B-8. Come any time. (He winks, and gives them a pat and walks away)

(As they´re smiling at each other, shrugging their shoulders etc., Grace´s eyes pop wide open as her head jerks up. They all turn to see what she´s looking at. Spotlight goes on Margaret #1. There, coming down the hall, slowly, in a walker, is Margaret #1. After they all make eye contact the lights go black.)


(Grace is back with the angel. The Heavenly light is shining and "Amazing Grace" is playing softly in the background.)

ANGEL: Grace, Grace are home now. Open your eyes.

GRACE: (Rubs her eyes, looks at herself and turns around a few times to get her bearings and realize where she is) I´m back.

ANGEL: And you are back to stay...just like I promised.

GRACE: But... I´m not ready. There´s more to do down there...more I can know...the girls, the home, the people who need me.

ANGEL: It is strange how that works my dear. No matter where you are, there is someone who always needs you. (She puts her arm around her shoulder and they walk off the stage together. The lights go dim except for a bright light peeking through the middle of the curtain. You hear her voice) Here they come Grace...your husband, your mother, your brother and some friends. See the smiles Grace? Oh, and Grace...thank you for your help down there. We couldn´t have done it without you... and, welcome home.


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What a touching story! I laughed out load as I read the "the hair in your soup is still attached to your chin". Other times I got choked up by the kindness and reassuring message from the author.

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