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I love The Sweet Road of Undoing, especially the humor and the main character. Jennifer is a great storyteller! The story Magic to it All is as magic as the title. Jennifer Mills Kerr shows grief and loss so well - the different ways it affects the young daughter and the New Age mother, along with many humorous moments. Great story!
-- cboaknin

I love Jennifer Mills Kerrīs stories [Magic to it All and The Sweet Road of Undoing]- they suck me right in - like watching a movie.
-- Shanna

The pictures by Albert Rollins were especially good. He was able to capture to essence of the moments. Thank you for sharing his work.
-- Carol

I will remember Autumn and Elizabeth Kray. Never before have I seen autumn made so memorable in words. Reading Lisa Hodgesī Frosting on a sweltering summer day, I got a cool chill. I love the imagery. It almost made me appreciate winter snow!
-- Beverly

I loved The Prettiest Pirate [by Christine A. Brooks]!
-- Deborah

The new issue looks fab!
-- Channie

I just wanted to congratulate you on another beautiful issue of Mused. I donīt think I can imagine the hard work that goes into these productions, but the artistic integrity speaks for itself. Thanks for doing what you do!
-- Lee

There is such high quality stuff here! Some of it really blew me away! You keep raising the bar.
-- Jody

All I want to do is lie in bed with chamomile tea and read them until they are tattered pieces. I canīt believe how lovely these are and what high standards they are at. :-)
-- Jill

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