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A Bird Sang Dawn Into The Room by Phibby Venable
A Fable Of Leaves by Beate Sigriddaughter
A Magical Walk by Louise Mathewson
A Triangle of Unfinished Business by Leslie Neustadt
A Very Wet Tryst by Joanne Cucinello
Afterlife by Glenda Barrett
Before the Summer Concert by Tom Cullen
Cause No Harm by M. Kari Barr
Charles Bridge by Aneta Adamcová-Cruz
Death Around the Corner by Leslie Neustadt
Distance by Gemma Meek
Doorstep Lament by Gemma Meek
Ellipsis by Kathleen Brand
Eternity by Leon A. Walker
Flamenco by Sandra Staas
Foam by Joanne Cucinello
Food Wisdom by Angelika Teuber
From a Booth at Rush´s by Juli Wymer
Harvest Moon by Beate Sigriddaughter
Heartworks by Denise Kenny
I Loved You Enough by Louise Mathewson
It´s a Sin by L.M. Wilkins
Kamikazes by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Letting Go by Gemma Meek
Mama by Aneta Adamcová-Cruz
Manse by Rain Good
Mojave: Last Stop For Gas by Freda Mooney
Moon-lands by Banks Miller
Mother´s Nature by Jefferson Rowland
My Poor Heart by Stephanie Arwen Lynch
Note to Myself by Stacey Dye
Picasso´s Old Guitarist by Jessica F. Smith
Pour by Julie L Scharf
Prescription For Reading Poems by Alexander Russo
Proof by Zhaleh Sarduy
Reflections by Connie Mistler Davidson
Reminder by Kat Bottaro
Resurgence by Susan Payne
Ritual by Jessica F. Smith
Robin´s Nest by Lee Evans
Sarasota by Gregory A. Kompes
She said He said by A. Pohja
Show and Tell by Louise Mathewson
Silent Strangers by Kat Bottaro
Skyworks - a Tanka Series by Stacey Dye
Snowstorm by Zhaleh Sarduy
Stone Man by Joanne Cucinello
The Best, Best Gift by Denise Kenny
The Big Game by Gene James Gilbert
The Note by Aneta Adamcová-Cruz
The Poet by Julie L Scharf
The Storyteller by Stephanie Parent
Transgression by Stacey Dye
Uncle John by Louise Mathewson
Winesap Apples by Gregory A. Kompes


Dinner with Eleanor by Leslie Neustadt
Freeing Lois by Barbara Ledford Wright
I Can Only Imagine by Nena
Learning to Die by Katharine Mackel
My Daddy Was A Genius! by Constance E. Sibrava


Anna by Sue Ellis
I Am Home by Zdravka Evtimova
Kitten Con Brio by Gabi Coatsworth
Of Graybirds and Power by Ann McDermott
Sewing Hotline by Sue Ellis
Waisted Effort by Jan Hurst-Nicholson


Janel Jacobson - In Her Own Words

Art and Photography

Portland Head Light by Albert Rollins
Floating Along by Maureen L Staccato
Fly on a Flagpole by Mark Berkery
Green Jewel Bug by Mark Berkery
Fog by Andriana Pohja
Dinner by Mark Berkery
Sunset Muncho Lake by Albert Rollins
Playtime in Hanalei by Leslie Tribolet
Canopy by Patricia Maulding
Delicate Arch by Albert Rollins
Dog Food by Maurice Schulman
Plum Island Sunset by Lisa Shea
Coneflower Pollination by Maurice Schulman
Seagull Bath by Bob See
Hawaiian Sunset by Andriana Pohja
Washington Monument by Albert Rollins
Mississippi Water Lily by Donna L Sciandra
Utah Thistle by Donna L Sciandra
Deer´s Ears by Donna L Sciandra
Zen and the Art of Motherhood Maintenance by Deborah Gardiner
Looking Inside by Lisa Shea
Rooftops in France by Ann Waller
Massachusetts Bullfrog by Bob See
Rufous Hummingbird by Maurice Schulman
Covered Bridge by Bob See
Reflections by Maurice Schulman
War Veteran by Bob See
The Humblest Abode by Lisa Shea
Ladybug Dancing by Mark Berkery
Tunnel Thistle by Donna L Sciandra
Color Splash Photography by Maureen L Staccato
Morning Glory by Lisa Shea
Stepping Out by Bob See
Plum Island Spiral by Lisa Shea
Green Head Ant by Mark Berkery
Autumn In Tones by Patricia Maulding
Path by Lorena Piña –Aviña
Tomatoes in France by Ann Waller


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