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Stacey Dye

She stands in lavender scented
steam watching her guilt circle
the drain and disappear.

Scrubbing, she targets the deceit
and decadence in hopes that they
too, will be whisked away.

Momentarily lost in the lather´s
aromatic allure, her thoughts
trickle back to him.

When she speaks, he sees
beyond the superficial, beyond
makeup and carefully coifed hair.

He looks directly at her but it’s not
nakedness he sees, even more
than that, he sees her essence.

Yet, they have never touched
as lovers do. Bumped into each other
maybe, brushed hands on occasion,

but, never really touched. There is so
much power in this emotional union
she escapes the shower knowing water

and electricity don’t mix. Draped
in a towel, she’s sure despite all efforts
the hint of indiscretion lingers on her skin.

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