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Uncle John

Louise Mathewson

His blue eyes twinkled
brighter than Santa’s eyes.
His arms opened even wider
than his warm brown door
when he welcomed us
to Redwood City.
His whole face glimmered with joy when he smiled.
His spirit reached out to us
more brilliant than the sun.
It warmed us down to our toes.

His ears were damaged flying planes in WW II
but he hosted us with the sunlight of joy.
He offered us drinks, seats, conversation,
asked how we were, in a way
that made us feel like royalty
arriving from the Midwest.

His early life was not easy,
but when grown he set out from home,
went to California,
let the landscape, air, life
and his wife, Patty, work alchemy on him.
Together they created a family
of four wonderful children who added more radiance to his spirit.

Life transformed him into a model of a man.
He taught us how to age gracefully.
We called him “Uncle Johnny.”
How wonderful life is
because Uncle Johnny was in our world!

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