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Little Hoot by Christine Catalano

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


A Lover´s Dream by J. R. Corbin
Abandoned by Linda M. Crate
After the Diagnosis by Brigitte Goetze
Autumn Masquerade by Linda B. Gamble
Boy in a Coffee Shop by Linda C. Angér
Camping in Craignure by Nabin Kumar Chhetri
Canticle for Amie by Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke
Fifth Wife by Maureen Daniels
Grand Canyon by Beate Sigriddaughter
Grandmother Said by Carol Smallwood
Harassed by Linda M. Crate
Honeymoon by Maureen Daniels
Honeysuckle Season by Melissa Allen
In Want of Grace by Brigitte Goetze
Knee Deep in September by Brenda Kay Ledford
La Fanciulla del West by Christopher Mulrooney
Leaves Like Sand Grains by Craig W. Steele
Lines by Ruth Z. Deming
Lucky Tree by Amit Parmessur
Mango Pulping by Pratibha Kelapure
MRI by Brigitte Goetze
My Father´s Dream by Richard Schnap
New Cells by Robert Moore
Oceanic Love by Linda M. Crate
Raining Again, Granville Street by Changming Yuan
Secret Cemetery by Domenic Scopa
Separation by Rinzu
Simply by Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke
Small Red Morning Glory by Terry Michelsen
Stephen King Says by Susanne Dutton
Suspended Above the Snake River by Craig W. Steele
The Great Hemlock by Craig W. Steele
The House Sparrow by Pratibha Kelapure
The Island is Magnetic in Winter by Martha Landman
Things They Don´t Teach You in School by David L. Cooper
When My Mother Lost Her Memory by Susanne Dutton
Woman at the Crossroad by Beate Sigriddaughter


If I Were Eighteen Again by Cynthia Jalynski
If the Shoe Fits by Gabi Coatsworth
India by Rachelle Braido Shekhar
Marsala Masala by Rachelle Braido Shekhar
My Favorite Felon by Ruth Z. Deming
My Fertile Green Heart by Liane Kupferberg Carter
My Miracle by Amanda Felice
Out of My Depth by Gabi Coatsworth
Shadows of the Mind by Richard Hartwell
Singularity by Lori Michelle Hawks


A Novel Idea by Martin Zehr
Ova by Jacqueline Masumian
Someone To Watch Over Me by Anita Roberts Soupir
Talking About Love by Kate Marshall
The Bedroom by Ruth Z. Deming
The Chatauqua by Lucy Gregg Muir
The First Lady Driver by Lucy Gregg Muir
The Girl Who Married the Wind by Elena Petricone
The Polish Social Worker by L.S. Sharrow
Uprooted by Madelaine Wong



The Lawn Auction by Katherine L. Holmes


Craig W. Steele – In His Own Words

Art and Photography

Little Hoot by Christine Catalano
Leafcutter Bee by Mark Berkerey
Katydid Nymph 2 by Lisa Shea
Lynx Spider by Mark Berkerey
Owlfly by Mark Berkerey
Weevil by Mark Berkerey
Chafer by Mark Berkerey
Bejewled Dragonfly by Ellen Erlanger
Borage Flower Buds by Carole Bouchard
Katydid Nymph 1 by Lisa Shea
Marigold by Lisa Shea
Breakfast Silhouette by Christine Catalano
Dawn at Jordan Pond by Christine Catalano
Sunrise at Sandy Beach by Christine Catalano
Tulips by Lisa Shea
Rock Face by Bob Evans
Purple Gallinule, A Different View by Ellen Erlanger
Escaping by Ophelia Sikes
Amalfi Coast by Ophelia Sikes
Japanese Beetle by Carole Bouchard
A Sip on a Summer Day by Ellen Erlanger
Hello by Ophelia Sikes
The Kind That Bite! by Donna Sciandra
Denali National Park by Donna Sciandra
Naked Summer by Katherine Minott
Prickly Pear Love by Andriana Pohja
Crabby Bob by Andriana Pohja
A Close Look by Ellen Erlanger
Deliverance by Donna Sciandra
When in Rome . . . by Ophelia Sikes
Reclining Nude by Andrew R. Sciandra
Lone Fisher by Andrew R. Sciandra
Pantheon by Ophelia Sikes
A Bee's Work by Linda M. Crate
In Days Past by Ashton
Cactus Flower by Emily Strauss
Water Rings - Westford MA Pond by Carole Bouchard
Can You Throw Us a Rope? by Andrew R. Sciandra
Dragonfly Smile by Ellen Erlanger
One Pane At A Time by Donna Sciandra
Tiger Fly on Misty Morning by Lisa Shea
Buttercup and Star Leaves by Lisa Shea
Portuguese Burger Joint by Ann Waller
Your Lucky Day by Bob See
Bluets by Bob See
Wintercress and Aphid by Bob See
Fading Pepper by Lisa Shea
Reflective by Bob See
Waiting by Lisa Shea


Letter From the Publisher
What You Are Saying

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