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Ocean's Call


He stood atop the rocky crest
and looked up at the rolling clouds;
a thrill arose within his breast-
the wanderlust again.
And as he stood there lost in thought,
the taste of salt air on his tongue,
his heart beat faster than before.
The ocean breeze filled up his lungs
and he knew deep within himself,
heŽd have to tell her just once more.

She wouldnŽt take it well, he thought,
her man away, gone out to sea
but still, no matter how she fought,
heŽd heed that siren call.
The waves that rose to treetop height,
the millpond calm of sunny days,
the comradeship of other men
familiar with the oceanŽs ways
and far below in churning depths
a freezing death awaiting them.

She stood outside their shanty home;
her eyes met his and then she knew
that sheŽd be left there all alone
while he was sailing free.
She brushed a lock of dampened hair
back from her face and then she looked
up at the man she did adore,
whose young she bore, whose meals she cooked
and softly said through wind burned lips
that she would wait for him . . . no more.

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Reader Feedback:
This piece touched me. Something magical about the story it tells. And it was complete.